I can no longer place orders using a FOAPAL. What went wrong?

If a FFM leaves the University, a requestor will automatically lose their MMP access to charge foapal(s) if they do not have multiple sponsorships (i.e. sponsored by more than one FFM).Please resubmit a MMP sponsorship under the new FFM's name. For more information, please refer to Sponsoring a Requestor.

Trouble accessing punchout websites (Henry Schein, Linde, Lyreco, the Flower Pot)

Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) might block a website when it considers that there may be unsafe content on the website.

When using Internet Explorer you may need to choose to "Show All Content", or select "No" when there is a pop up box, in order to see the punchout URL itself.

In Firefox and Chrome, you may see an icon in the address bar that looks like a little shield. Click on this shield to see the option to view Insecure Content (Select “Disable Protection on This Page” in Firefox, and “Load unsafe script” in Chrome)

Requisition is rejected - How to trouble shoot

If your requisition is rejected, you can find the rejection reason under the requisition’s History Tab

  • Shopping cart was created or copied from an old order issued prior to your user role change (i.e. Shopper to Requestor). Sample message: Auto-reject
  • Insufficient funds (does not pass the BAVL check). Sample message: Item 1, Sequence 1: Insufficient budget for item 1
  • Transaction Date of MMP requisition is in a closed period/year. Sample Message Item 1, Sequence 1: *ERROR* Document cannot be processed as date 10-NOV-2010 is in Fiscal Year 11
  • Transaction Date is prior to when a supplier was created in the system: Sample message: *ERROR* Vendor ID 123456789 is not valid as of
  • Requisition is disapproved either locally or centrally. Sample message: Banner Approval (under Steps), Requisition rejected (under Action)
  • uPrint order was rejected due to missing FOAPAL element (Activity code 00204) and/or missing MFD Device Group Code (please refer to page 3, step #5 and #6 of the uPrint Order Instructions.)

I never receive a PO#

Delay in the issuance of PO might due to one of the following reasons:

  • Requisition is still pending for approval (refer to How to track my requisition status).
  • Requisition is rejected due to insufficient fund, but still shows as pending status in MMP (please contact feedback.purchasing [at] (Procurement Services) to change the requisition's status, and re-submit a new requisition with an updated FOAPAL)
  • Buyer is waiting for requirement documentation  / approval from upper management
  • Buyer is in communication with supplier in regards to the terms and conditions of the purchase

For assistance, please contact feedback.purchasing [at] (Procurement Services) with reference to your requisition number.

I never received my order

  1. Verify when and how the PO was sent to the supplier (refer to How to view PO status--PO distribution method)
  2. Contact the supplier's customer services center and ask for the order status by quoting the McGill PO # (note: sometimes quoting "PO" and "P + Zero" makes a difference in the supplier's system, please try both version). Your order might be delayed due to a backorder
  3. If the supplier has no record of your PO in their system, please verify their PO distribution method (whether there is a different fax # or e-mail address). Please contact feedback.purchasing [at] (Procurement Services) to resend the PO and provide the proper distribution method.

My supplier never received payment

The payment of invoices is triggered by Accounts Payable receiving the hardcopy of the invoice with a PO in the system. Delays in payment may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Accounts Payable has never received the original copy of the invoice. If you have the original invoice on hand, please ensure the PO number is referenced on the invoice prior to sending it to Accounts Payable
  • Positive Approval has not yet been received: The FFM’s signature on the invoice or the completed ‘Invoice Payment Approval’ form, along with the delivery date, is mandatory on invoices exceeding $10,000 or when individual items exceed $2,500.

For more information or further assitance, please contact accountspayable [at] (Accounts Payable) at local 3463 ext. 2.


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