Procurement Sustainability 5-Year Strategic Plan

The Sustainable Procurement Core Team, in collaboration with Procurement Services staff, has developed and adopted a 5 Year Sustainable Procurement Strategic Plan. The plan is closely aligned with the University’s Vision 2020 Sustainability Goals and represents McGill’s first Sub-Institutional Sustainability Strategy. 

The Sustainable Procurement Strategic Plan Identifies Five Interrelated Strategic Goals.

Triple Bottom Line

McGill Procurement Services aligns its understanding of sustainability with the University’s Procurement Policy and Sustainability Policy, and considers social, economic and environmental aspects in all its activities.


Procurement Services demonstrates leadership in Sustainable Procurement through the development and deployment of sustainable practices and procedures applicable to McGill’s supply chain.

Education and Awareness

Procurement Services raises the level of awareness and knowledge about Sustainable Procurement through effective communications and training activities.

Resources and Tools

Procurement Services seeks to facilitate Sustainable Procurement by providing the necessary resources and access to analytical tools, methodologies and computational capacity.

Sustainable Processes and Logistics

Procurement Services is committed to encrypting sustainability into all operations related to purchasing and asset management activities (from Sourcing to End-of-Life management).

Action Planning and Implementation

A series of clear Functional Objectives and related Actions have been identified under each Strategic Goal. The Sustainable Procurement Core Team has prioritized the actions to be carried out through specific Sustainable Procurement Projects. The group has also developed timelines and Key Performance Indicators for each project.  See On-Going Projects in Sustainable Procurement for more details.

McGill’s Procurement Policy establishes Sustainability as a Fundamental Principle   

McGill University believes that its ultimate success in sustainable development depends on its principal actors being dedicated to a disciplined approach to sustainable procurement, incorporating the right balance of environment, society and economy considerations in each procurement activity.

"Because of the sheer size of the university’s procurement activities and budget it helps manage, and the role it can play in supporting the necessary behavioral and logistical changes, McGill’s Procurement Services can help accelerate the implementation of the University’s Vision 2020 Sustainability Objectives.".  François Pouliot, Director, Procurement Services

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