CFI Purchase Guidelines

NOTE: For general information on CFI projects, please visit the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) website.

Pricing/documentation requirements at the award finalization stage: Once an application has been granted, a revised budget must be submitted to the granting agencies. To that effect, all acquisitions of goods and services valued at more than $100,000 must be tendered publicly on an electronic open bidding system called SEAO. Tenders must be posted for at least fifteen (15) calendar days. The steps described below should be followed:

  • STEP #1:  Contact: graham.currie [at] (Graham Currie), nadia.raimondo2 [at] (Nadia Raimondo), lillian.lazzarini [at] (Lillian Lazzarini) and sergio.archiniegas [at] (Sergio Archiniegas) to hold a project kickoff meeting;
  • STEP #2:  Procurement Services will complete the tender document and post it on SEAO for fifteen calendar days;
  • STEP #3:  Procurement Services will prepare an analysis of the bids received and forward it to the PI;
  • STEP #4:  Procurement Services and the PI will review the analysis and select the supplier and, as necessary;
  • STEP #5:  PI will finalize his/her revised budget and complete a purchase requisition on the McGill Marketplace;
  • STEP #6:  Prior to releasing the order, Procurement Services will obtain the required approval(s) as dictated by the Regulation Relating to the Approval of Contracts and Signing Authority. Note that depending on the level of approvals required, this process can take up to 60 days when approval by the Executive Board of Governors is required.

Request For Quotation templates:

Request for Quotation CFI (Word version)

Request for Quotation CFI (PDF version)

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