Obtain and Use a PCard

In this section, you will find everything you need to know about getting and using a PCard at McGill University. For further information on the PCard Policy, please visit this site.

How to apply for a Pcard

  • Requester completes a PCard Application Form and submits it to his/her Fund Holder for approval;
  • Fund Holder provides default FOAPAL to be assigned to the Card (fund may not start with “8” which signifies a trust fund);
  • Fund Holder’s signature delegates transaction authority to the Cardholder;
  • Requester submits completed and approved application form to the PCard Administration Group;
  • Fund Holder may name a Departmental PCard Administrator.

It takes approximately 10 working days to process an application. All new cardholders are required to complete the PCard On-line Certification Training before we can release the PCard. Once your card is ready for release, you will be notified by email regarding pick-up procedures.

How to use your Pcard

The Cardholder can place orders by phone, facsimile, mail, Internet, and over-the-counter.

In all cases:

The Cardholder must determine, before placing an order that the:

  • proposed purchase is not a prohibited Card transaction;
  • total cost does not exceed the Cardholder’s purchase limits, including shipping charges, currency exchange and taxes;
  • supplier accepts the PCard;
  • product is available;
  • price is the best that can be obtained (ask if educational discounts are available);
  • delivery date meets expectations and needs;
  • appropriate method of shipping and handling is selected and special handling instructions are defined;
  • shipping cost.

The Cardholder must ensure that the receipt, and/or packing slip contains the:

  • supplier name and address;
  • description of items purchased;
  • quantity of goods ordered and received;
  • itemized unit prices and the amount extensions;
  • goods and Services Tax and Provincial Sales Tax (if applicable);
  • shipping charges (if applicable);
  • grand total of order.

The Cardholder must ensure that the goods are received before completing reconciliation on MOPS.

When placing the order by phone or fax, the Cardholder must:

  • provide to the supplier, his/her name, phone number, department name and a shipping address;
  • record the name of the person taking the order;
  • obtain a confirmation order number from the supplier;
  • record the purchase on the PCard Transaction Log;

Then placing the order by Internet, the Cardholder must:

  • ensure that appropriate consideration is given to security concerns (i.e. encrypted web sites);
  • when possible print copies of orders before issue;
  • obtain electronic confirmation of the order;
  • If PCard purchases are made using an “Internet Billing Agency” such as Paypal, Ibill or Ebay, the Cardholder forwards a copy of the e-mail confirmation together with the description of the merchandise to the PCard Administration Group.

PCard Billing Address

McGill University

Financial Services #216

3465 Durocher Street

Montreal, Quebec

H2X 0A8

 Phone number: 514-398-1518

Allowable Purchases on your Pcard

Purchases with suppliers that only accept credit as method of payment;
In-store/Online purchases that could not be done on MMP

Documentation Best Practices and Reconciling your Pcard


PCard related purchasing transactions are fed electronically by the Card Issuer to McGill On-line PCard System (MOPS) daily. The reconciled transactions on MOPS are then fed into Banner daily as invoices with applicable sales tax rebates. Each invoice created will be given a document number beginning with “IP”, signifying it is a PCard purchase transaction.

It is the responsibility of the Cardholder or Departmental PCard Administrator to reconcile PCard charges to the appropriate FOAPAL on MOPS. It is the responsibility of the Fund Holder to ensure that charges to a fund are appropriate and accepted.

Reconciliation of PCard transactions must be done on MOPS within thirty (30) days of the transaction date. It is recommended to perform reconciliation of MOPS weekly, so charges are reflected in Banner on a timely basis.

Any un-reconciled PCard transaction will be charged to the Default FOAPAL (using the predetermined account code 700490). The Cardholder’s PCard may be revoked if there are frequent transactions in the Default FOAPAL.

To see the latest PCard Approval Schedule, please visit here.

Transaction Log

Upon placing an order, regardless of the method used, the Cardholder should record the transaction on their Transaction Log. Receipts should be stored in the Documentation Envelope unless an alternative process has been established. Each Cardholder is provided with an initial supply of 12 PCard Documentation envelopes (additional supply of envelopes can be obtained at no cost through the PCard Administration Group). The information on the Transaction Log shall include:

  • item # (assign a number in this column and write it on the matching receipt);
  • transaction/credit date;
  • vendor name;
  • brief description of product/service;
  • total amount (including tax and shipping and currency exchange, if applicable);
  • expected delivery date;
  • MOPS approval date;
  • MOPS audit number;
  • check if goods/services is received;
  • check if receipts are enclosed.

The front of the Documentation Envelope can be used as the first page of the PCard Transaction Log. If required, additional copies of the PCard Transaction Log can be printed and added to the envelope. The PCard Transaction Log is used to reconcile the transactions.

Upon receiving the goods/services, the Cardholder will:

  • check the item that has been received;
  • check Dispute Item column with the Dispute Code, if applicable.

Should any audit find frequent instances of lost or inadequate receipts, the Cardholder’s PCard may be revoked and disciplinary measures against the Cardholder, in accordance with University policies, will be taken.

Alternative document management processes may be appropriate depending on department needs and administration, providing it complies with the University retention requirements.

Disputing a PCard charge

The Cardholder is responsible for resolving all discrepancies and disputes directly with the supplier. Every effort must be made to resolve disputes within thirty (30) days of the transaction. The Cardholder should allow sufficient time for the supplier to prepare credit voucher or for the replacement of items.

If the Cardholder is not able to resolve the dispute with the supplier within 30 days, the Cardholder must indicate on MOPS the dispute and the PCard Administration Group should be contacted to intervene with the Card Issuer on behalf of the Cardholder

Common Dispute Reasons:
The most common dispute reasons are described below. These reasons correlate with those found on the Transaction Log.

  • Merchandise Not Received: This reason is used if the Cardholder has not received the goods ordered. The Cardholder should allow sufficient time for the supplier to correct the error. If the situation is not resolved, the Cardholder is to provide details including the date that the delivery of service or merchandise was expected. In the event that the order was canceled, the Cardholder is to provide both the date of cancellation and a full explanation as to why the transaction was canceled.
  • Unauthorized Mail/Phone Order: This reason is used only to telephone or mail order transactions where a sales slip has not been signed with an authorized signature or imprinted with the purchaser's Pcard. 
  • Duplicate Processing: This reason is used when a transaction has been multiple-billed to an account (the amounts must be the same). The Cardholder is to provide the transaction details of the original billing, such as dollar amounts, transaction date, etc.
  • Merchandise Returned: This reason is used when merchandise was returned but the credit has not been posted on MOPS. The Cardholder should allow the supplier sufficient time for processing their paperwork before filing the dispute. If sufficient time has elapsed, describe the reason for returning the merchandise and the date the item was returned.
  • Credit Not Received: This reason is used when the Cardholder has received a credit voucher or a written refund acknowledgment from the supplier, but the credit has not been posted on MOPS within 30 days from the date on the voucher or acknowledgment.
  • Alteration of Amount: This reason is used when the amount of a transaction has been altered without permission. The Cardholder must acknowledge the amount before alteration, and a copy of the Cardholder’s sales slip must be provided to support this reason. The amount of the credit would be the difference between the amount before alteration and after alteration.
  • Inadequate Description or Unrecognized Charge: In the event that the Cardholder does not recognize the transaction description, they should request that the Card Issuer Customer Services supply a copy of the sales slip. This should be requested only after reviewing their supporting documentation and ensuring a supplier description or location error has not occurred. The Cardholder Checks the box “Inadequate Description/Unrecognized Charge,” on MOPS, so that the PCard Administration Group will order a copy of the sales slip. The Cardholder will receive a copy in approximately thirty (30) days.
  • Not as Described: This reason is used when the Cardholder claims that goods or services were not received as described. It is important that the sales draft specifically describe what was purchased. In a telephone order situation, the verbal description is considered the ‘document characterization.” The Cardholder must explain in his or her support documentation how the verbal description was different from what was actually received. An attempt must be made to return the goods and must be stated in the Cardholder’s complaint. If merchandise was returned, proof of such return must be forwarded to the Card Issuer.
  • Other Dispute Reasons:  If the reasons discussed so far do not adequately describe or fit the Cardholder’s dispute circumstances, please contact the PCard Administration Group.

Replacing a PCard if lost/stolen or damaged 

It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to maintain control and security for the PCard. All precautions should be used to maintain confidentiality of all information relating to the Card, such as the Cardholder PCard number and expiration date. The PCard number should never be left in a conspicuous place.

In case of a Lost/Stolen Card:

Fraudulent use of the Card and lost or stolen Cards must be reported immediately. The Cardholder should immediately contact the Bank of Montreal Customer Service at 1-800-361-3361 to report a lost or stolen Card. This number is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for reporting purposes. The Cardholder must be prepared to respond to the following questions:

  • Cardholder’s complete name;
  • Circumstances surrounding the loss of the Card;
  • Any purchase(s) made on the day the Card was lost or stolen;
  • Details of the last purchase amount and location;
  • Personal Identification information;
  • Identify if there is a need to replace the Card.

After a missing or stolen Card incident is reported to the Card Issuer, the Cardholder must notify the PCard Administration Group so that the University records can be updated accordingly.

If applicable, the PCard Administration Group will process the required paperwork to the Card Issuer to obtain a replacement Card, if applicable. The Card Issuer will mail the replacement Cards to the PCard Administration Group within five (5) working days of notification.

The PCard Administration Group will notify the Cardholder when the replacement Card is available for release.

In Case of Worn Out/Defective Cards:

If a PCard needs to be replaced because it is worn out or defective, the Cardholder should notify The PCard Administration Group. They will, in turn requests a replacement Card from the Card Issuer.

The Card Issuer will mail the replacement Cards to the PCard Administration Group within five (5) working days of notification.

The PCard Administration Group will notify the Cardholder when the replacement Card is available for release. To receive the new Card, the old Card must be surrendered and destroyed in the presence of a representative of the PCard Administration Group releasing the Card.

Procurement Card Automatic Renewal

A new PCard will be issued directly by the Card Issuer and sent to the PCard Administration Group before the expiration date. The PCard Administration Group notifies the Cardholder. If a Card is not received before the current one expires, Cardholder must call the PCard Administration Group. The Card is valid until the last day of the month indicated (i.e. 10/02 until October 31, 2002).

Cancelling a Pcard

Guidelines for Cancelling Cards

The PCard Administration Group will automatically cancel PCards under the following conditions:

  • a PCard has been inactive for a six (6) consecutive month period
  • a PCard has not been picked up by the Cardholder within forty-five (45) days following the date of the electronic notification from the PCard Administration Group confirming receipt of the PCard
  • the Cardholder has not completed the on-line certification training within forty-five (45) days from the receipt of electronic notification from the PCard Administration Group confirming the activation of the PCard
  • the Cardholder does not reconcile Transactions within thirty days of final notification from PCard Administration Group


When a Cardholder leaves the University, the Fund Holder must provide immediate notification to The PCard Administration Group. The Fund Holder must obtain the Card and all outstanding documentation on the account from the Cardholder prior to final separation and reconcile the charges on MOPS. The Fund Holder will destroy the Card and will forward a “PCard Cancellation” form to The PCard Administration Group.

A “Request for PCard” form needs to be completed for a new Card requested for new/replacement employees.

Temporary Leave

When a Cardholder leaves his/her position or changes responsibilities on a temporary basis (i.e. sabbatical, maternity leave, sick leave), the Fund Holder must obtain all outstanding documentation on the account from the Cardholder, reconcile the charges on MOPS and may then ask the PCard Administration Group to have the Card deactivate or cancelled.

In the case of Card deactivation, the Fund Holder submits a written notification to The PCard Administration Group.

If the Fund Holder chooses to cancel the Card, the procedures on “Termination” (see above) must be followed.

Change of Department

When a Cardholder changes department, the same procedures as for “Termination” (see above) applies 

List of Pcard Forms

For further information please contact the pcardadministration [at] mcgill [dot] ca (PCard Administration group) at: