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Submitting an Expense Report - "new" Expense Items added

This message is sent on behalf of Julie Ghayad, Director Finance Infrastructure and Transaction Services, Financial Services

Dear Colleagues,

In order to better classify receipts when submitting expense reimbursements through Minerva, additional expense items have been added.  The following now appear in the Expense item drop down menu:

Expense item


Published: 4Apr2016

Travel Management Survey

On February 27th you received an invitation from V-P Di Grappa to participate in an important survey about travel and traveling on behalf of the University and reporting these travel related expenses.

This survey was launched to gather information about the Community’s current habits as relates to travel and reimbursement. If you have already participated – Thank you!

If not, we encourage you to participate and complete the survey if you travel, make travel arrangements or are involved in the travel and expense report process.

Published: 15Mar2013


New Travel Management Program (TMP)   

Procurement Services is in the process of rolling out new travel-related programs for the benefit of McGill travelers and all staff involved in the travel process.

For more information, please visit the Travel Services' website.