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Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor
James Administration Building, Room 506
McGill University
845 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G4

Tel.: 514-398-4180
Fax: 514-398-4768

naomi.allsopp [at] (Ms. Naomi Allsopp) (on leave)
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 514-398-4180

Naomi is responsible for the planning of events and special projects sponsored by the Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor. She administers the financial operations of the unit and is responsible for the reception area serving the Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor and the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic).


veronique.belanger [at] (Me Véronique Bélanger)
Chief of Staff
Tel: 514-398-5190

Véronique is a member of the senior administrative team of the University, working closely with the Principal and students, faculty, and staff, and particularly closely with the University's senior administrative team to ensure that the Principal's directives and initiatives are effectively carried out.


johanne.bilodeau [at] (Ms. Johanne Bilodeau )(Acting)
Project Administrator
Tel: 514-398-8082

Primary roles are to provide assistance and support to the Chief of Staff on a range of files and operational matters and to provide overall project support to senior staff members in the Office of the Principal. The nature of support is diverse, ranging from research assistance, to general administrative and organizational support.


karin.lornsen [at] (Karin Lornsen, Ph.D. )
Senior Planning and Projects Officer
Tel: 514-398-3157

Karin provides senior support to the Principal on a broad range of academic, communications, and student affairs files. She is the primary liaison between the Principal’s Office and the Offices of the Provost, Media Relations, Deputy Provost, and University Secretariat on ongoing programs and projects, including University Senate, academic meetings, campus engagement, and selected international files.


deidre.mccabe [at] (Ms. Deidre McCabe)
Communications Officer
Tel: 514-398-5904

Deidre is responsible for developing and coordinating all communication and correspondence for the Principal. She also maintains the Office of the Principal website and other administrative systems within the Office.


susy.ricciardelli [at] (Ms. Susy Ricciardelli)
Executive Assistant to the Principal
Tel: 514-398-3329

Susy is responsible for the coordination of the Principal’s agenda, briefings for each meeting and event, travel arrangements and other special projects for the Principal.



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