Reflections on 2014-15

June 11, 2015

Dear members of the McGill community:

We made it through what I have been calling, to use skiers’ terminology, a double black diamond winter. Those long months often brought to mind Gilles Vigneault’s lyric “Mon pays, ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver.” It was not easy, but I like how it showed our strength and resilience. We get through hard winters, both real and metaphorical.

During the past two weeks, our campuses were filled with the proud smiles of new graduates, their families, their friends, their professors. The seven days of Convocation overflow with stories of success and perseverance. It was a particularly special honour to share the joy with Thibault Trancart, the first blind student to graduate from the Desautels Faculty of Management, as he crossed the stage with his service dog, Fiona.  Convocation is a wonderful way to mark the end of winter—as well as years of hard work—and the start of new chapters.

One of the privileges of my position is hearing about all the amazing things being done in the McGill community. Hardly a day passes without one of our students, alumni, faculty or staff being recognized for their achievements. Such accomplishments come from constant hard work and dedication.

Your achievements energize us as we move forward on our five priority areas. (Please read the latest project updates, if you haven’t already.) Together, we are building a McGill that is even more open, more connected and more purposeful.

To those of you who just graduated, congratulations on everything you have done, and I wish you the best for all that is ahead.  Congratulations to our faculty and staff, as well, for another year of discovery, collaboration and hard work. To each of you, I hope you have a great summer.  You have earned it.


Suzanne Fortier
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

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