Final report of the Task Force on Respect and Inclusion in Campus Life

May 16, 2018


To the McGill community,

The Task Force on Respect and Inclusion in Campus Life has recently completed its mandate. I am pleased to share the full report with you.

First and foremost, I want to thank all members of the Task Force for their hard work in preparing a thoughtful report in a relatively short span of time. I also want to thank those in the McGill community who took the time and made the effort to participate in the opportunities the Task Force provided in order to gather feedback on some complex, sometimes difficult questions.

This report is an important step in a continuing process. It is not an end. In the weeks and months ahead, we will discuss, collectively, the report’s observations and recommendations with a commitment to enhance the teaching, living, learning and research environments on our campuses. Some of our discussions might not be easy, and it will take openness, courage, humility, leadership and resolve to move forward in a respectful and inclusive way.

Our priority at this moment is for all of us to give this report a careful reading, to reflect on its proposals and think about how, together, we will build a more respectful and inclusive McGill. Accordingly, we will respond to the report’s specific recommendations and suggested action items next fall, at which time that conversation within our community will have been initiated. It is indeed paramount that we listen to one another, as we must learn together and strive to build a solid sense of trust amongst ourselves. In all this effort, there are great opportunities for progress. Together, we can seize them.


Suzanne Fortier

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

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