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Across the world, people recognize McGill for its commitment to excellence, both in education and in advancing knowledge. That reputation—and, in fact, everything that McGill is today—comes from the efforts, contributions and achievements of hundreds of thousands of people.

Our community of students, professors, staff and alumni shares a commitment to hard work and to advancing society through creativity and innovation. We are about learning, creating new knowledge, and being smart about using that knowledge. We are about being open. We are about being brave in exploring new frontiers because we know that, as challenging as those paths may be, they are where our most important contributions will come from.

My focus is on channelling the University’s energies and resources toward five priority areas:

  • Student life and learning: Creating a rich learning environment for a new generation of students who are eager to put their classroom learning to use in concrete ways.
  • Research: Cultivating an environment that encourages creativity, innovation and answering game-changing questions.
  • Engagement: Collaborating with partners to maximize benefits from our shared expertise and knowledge.
  • A learning organization: Creating a workplace culture where staff are empowered to make McGill more agile and effective.
  • Space: Transforming our physical and virtual campuses into places that are sustainable, accessible, state-of-the-art and healthy.

These priorities emerged from conversations and consultations across the University. The McGill community knows who it is, what its values are and where it wants to go; my focus, as Principal, is a reflection of your collective vision.

You can find my contact information, and follow my schedule, here. I am always interested in hearing your thoughts about where you would like to see McGill be in the next five years—and your ideas about what we need to do to get there.


Suzanne Fortier

Principal and Vice-Chancellor, McGill University