Principal’s Task Force on the Academic Vision and Mission of the RVH Site

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The Principal’s Task Force on the Academic Vision and Mission of the RVH Site will propose scenarios of how McGill could make use of the site, considering in particular, the following questions:

  • What type of space will be needed to foster, well into the 21st century, teaching, learning, research and community outreach at McGill?
  • How can the site be used to enhance McGill’s identity as a student-centered, research intensive, high quality international university anchored in Quebec?
  • How can the site be used to increase synergies among academic disciplines and create hubs of new learning, frontier research and innovation?
  • Who would be the best internal and external partners to attract to the site?
  • How could the RVH site be used to deepen McGill’s connections with other communities (e.g. industry, NGOs, social organizations)?
  • Given the importance of this site to Montrealers and the city’s history, what is our responsibility to steward heritage buildings, green space and access to Mount Royal?
  • Are there opportunities to generate revenues that will ultimately support the academic mission at McGill?
  • What are the limitations and opportunities posed by the unique physical characteristics, location and layout of the RVH buildings and site?

Limits to Scope

The following issues lie outside of the scope of the Task Force:

  • deciding whether or not McGill should take ownership of the RVH
  • defining short-term campus space needs
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