Transforming our Campus


  • Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal (Administration & Finance)
  • Robert Couvrette, Associate Vice-Principal (University Services) 
  • Cameron Charlebois, Executive Director (Campus and Space Planning)


This priority area focuses on providing McGill with the physical resources necessary for fulfilling its mission and maintaining its stature as one of the world’s leading teaching and research universities. It is of particular importance that we plan for the long-term, with an eye toward changing needs. Areas of focus include: campus expansion, respecting our heritage footprint, sustainability, accessibility and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for students, staff, faculty and researchers.

Long-term goals

  • Developing a Campus Space Plan for the next 10 – 15 years. The plan will guide the University’s campus development, particularly with regard to our most critical space needs, major renovation requirements, and property acquisitions and disposals.

  • Continuing the program started in 2009 to improve campus green spaces to develop more exterior student social spaces, and more sustainable landscapes.

  • Improving the University’s classrooms and teaching labs by undertaking major renovations and equipment renewal and including “active,” collaborative and innovative teaching environments.  This is a continuation of work already being done by Teaching and Learning Spaces working groups.


  • Developing a 10-15 year Campus Space Plan after validating student/staff projections, defining priority research space needs, and updating overall space priorities for the faculties.  
  • Greening campus , including:
    • New Campus Landscape Master Plan guidelines
    • McTavish Street plan (with City of Montreal)
  • Developing a five-year priority list for Upgrading classrooms and teaching labs

Key Milestones (updated December 2017)

Note: This semi-annual update, and new milestones, appear in bold. Status updates will be posted in the following cycle.

Winter 2016

Launch RVH feasibility study once government funding is confirmed

The feasibility study (Dossier d’opportunité) started in January 2016 with the Government go ahead and is to be completed by Summer 2018.  

Spring 2016

Deliver overall Faculty and Institution space priorities


Fall 2016

Deliver Academic Plan and Preliminary Space Plan for former RVH site. 

In June 2016, Principal’s Task Force decided that the former RVH site should develop along the main academic themes of sustainability systems and public policy. Under the leadership of the Provost, specific task forces were established to develop this concept, which include membership from Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Science, Libraries, TLS, Innovation, and Enrolment Services.

In December 2016, the Academic Plan and the Preliminary Space Plan were submitted to and approved by senior administration.

Since January 2017, project architects have been working with stakeholders to develop the Programme Fonctionnel et Technique (PFT) and site plan, as required  for the Dossier d’Opportunité.

During winter 2017, there will be further development of the University’s Real Estate Master Plan taking into consideration the ‘domino’ effects from the possible acquisition of the former RVH site.

Fall 2017

Draft Downtown Campus Real-Estate Master Plan.

Preliminary plan presented to senior administration in June 2017 and to  the Building and Property Committee of the Board of Governors in August  2017.

Fall 2017

Draft Macdonald Campus Master Plan.

To begin in the first quarter of 2018.

Fall 2017

Open House

Interactive open house was held on lower campus on October 11, 12 and 13 for members of McGill community to learn about future planning initiatives meant to improve both the downtown and Macdonald campuses.

Fall 2018

Space allocation protocol and process

Work began Fall 2017.  To be presented to senior administration by Spring 2018.

Winter 2018

Downtown Campus Urban Design study

Work began Fall 2017.  Awaiting final report completion by the first quarter of 2018.


Prefeasibility study of the redevelopment of the McLennan Library complex (FIAT LUX)

Strategic presentation will be prepared and presented to Government in order to proceed to the Dossier d’Opportunité (DO) in 2018.

Spring 2018

Strategic assessment of the residences portfolio

Consultant team to be hired in 2018. Presentation of study results to the Building and Property Committee for review in Spring 2018.

Spring 2018

Powell Site prefeasibility study

Work has commenced with the Faculty of Medicine to determine the space program and a strategic presentation will be submitted for approval in 2018.

Spring 2018

680 Sherbrooke (acquired in August 2017)

Space allocation and design of common areas to be completed by the first quarter of 2018.

Spring 2015

Deliver Campus Landscaping Master Plan and Landscaping Guidelines.

    Submitted to and approved by senior administration.

    Fall 2015

    Launch priority landscape projects for the next 5 years and funding plan. 

    First five projects approved by the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance). All projects are in the design phase. 

    Spring 2016
      Deliver McTavish Street Promenade Urbaine Plan.

      Public forum is completed.  The project is now public tender and the City of Montreal expects to start the work in spring 2016.

      Spring 2016

      Deliver priority landscape projects for the next 5 years. 

      First five projects are in the design or public tender phases. 

      Fall 2016

      Deliver priority landscape projects for the next 5 years. 

      Completed: Design work for Roddick Gates, lower Leacock Terrace, Bronfman Terrace, and McTavish Gates. Roddick and Bronfman construction has begun. Other projects to begin in the spring 2017, after the Acfas Congress.

      Spring 2017

      Deliver McTavish Street Promenade Urbaine Plan.

      Completed in July 2017. 

      Fall 2017

      Deliver priority landscape projects for the next 5 years.

      Restoration of lower Leacock Terrace completed.

      Restoration of area around the Roddick Gates to be completed in Spring 2018.

      Restoration of McTavish Gate area and of the upper Leacock Terrace to start in Summer 2018.

      Spring 2018

      Deliver Campus Landscaping Master Plan. 

      To be validated against the urban design study and priority projects to be determined by Spring 2018.

      Fall 2017

      Deliver five-year priority list for classrooms and 10-year priority list for teaching labs.


        Top 5 projects in process - classrooms:

        Arts 145/150
        Strathcona Music C204
        Burnside 11th floor Math Classroom

        Centennial Center : renovate classrooms 150 and 162

        Top 5 projects in process - teaching labs:Education Building 113A: Multiliteracies Lab
        Strathcona Music C-310: Distance education ensemble room
        Otto Maas Chemistry Building: renovations to lab 128
        Education Building, renovations to rooms B118/B119/B124/B165/B166
        Wong Building: renovations to teaching labs 0070/0190

        McIntyre: renovation of Microscopy lab

        688 Sherbrooke: create four online teaching rooms

        Macdonald-Harrington: Architecture lab


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