My Healthy Workplace


  • Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)


This priority area focuses on turning McGill into a true learning organization. “My Workplace” aims to facilitate a shift in McGill’s administrative workplace culture: to embrace continuous learning and change, to inspire and encourage new ways of doing things, and to empower administrative staff to use their knowledge and expertise to make McGill a more agile and effective organization.  

Long-term goals

  • Empowering employees to identify opportunities for greater efficiency, simplification and process improvement
  • Better aligning our resources to needs and priorities
  • Identifying measures to ensure that the hiring of new administrative staff is done strategically
  • Using technological tools to make our operations more efficient
  • Continuing to ensure that employees are well trained for their jobs, and developing more ways for them to learn from each other
  • Encouraging a culture that embraces changes and welcomes new ideas


  • Training and development for staff and managers
  • Sharing of information and best practices
  • Increasing local autonomy and flexibility in work practices and decision-making. 
  • Supporting staff in introducing process change, better service delivery and other administrative improvements.
  • Within existing budget envelopes, encouraging  and supporting managers in planning future staffing needs, training and development needs and implementing effective performance management. 

Key Milestones (updated December 2017)

Note: New updates and milestones appear in bold. Status updates will be posted twice a year.

Date Milestone status
Summer 2014

Launch My Workplace process for all units reporting to Administration & Finance and Communications & External Relations

Winter 2014-2015

Analyze feedback from Health Check surveys of employees in the first wave of client units, and build and support action plans outlining ways to address employee-identified issues.

Winter 2014-2015

Work with the McGill community to develop a university-wide plan for becoming a true “learning organization”

Preliminary action plans completed
Spring-Summer 2015 Analyze Health Check survey feedback and build action plans for the second wave of client units. Completed
Spring-Summer 2015 Receive final action plans from first- and second- wave client units, completed with support from the My Workplace workgroup.


Spring-Summer 2015 Launch additional community engagement and consultation initiatives, as needed. Completed
Spring-Summer 2015 First- and second- wave client units implement action plans, with support from the My Workplace workgroup. Completed
Spring-Summer 2015 Launch My Workplace process for third-wave client units. Revised.  Process is now focused on projects, rather than units, in order to act on projects emerging across the University and at all levels.
Spring-Summer 2015 Analyze Health Check employee survey feedback and build action plans for third wave of client units. Revised. Adopted project focus instead of unit focus.
Spring-Summer 2015 Check in with first- and second- wave client units, to review progress on action plans and assist, as needed. Completed
Spring-Summer 2015

Conduct "Learning Organization" survey

Completed.  2,754 members of the University’s administrative and support staff were surveyed about the perceived degree to which the University reflects the traits of a learning organization, and the survey achieved a 45.5% response rate, signaling the importance of the themes addressed.

Spring-Summer 2015

Conduct summer discussion groups

Completed. In response to over 400 accompanying text-based comments submitted by survey participants, the My Workplace workgroup organized a series of five summer discussions based on key themes addressed in the survey.  The objective of these discussion groups was to better understand and validate the learning-organization-related perceptions that were expressed in the survey.  The discussion groups were organized around the following topics:

  • Leadership and organizational structure
  • Performance management
  • Quality and client service
  • Innovation, empowerment and risk
Winter 2016

Consult with unit leaders across McGill to identify new potential opportunities for My Workplace engagement.

Completed.  My Workplace launched 10 new Phase II projects in response to survey results and the summer discussion groups.  

Winter 2016

Conduct a comprehensive progress review, consult broadly with the McGill community and identify further avenues for value creation.


Winter 2016

Establish a target date for initiating the second Learning Organization survey to assess progress.

Revised.  Target date for second My Workplace Survey 2 is January 2017 (three months earlier than planned).

Spring-Summer 2016

Continue the implementation of Phase I and Phase II projects and provide regular updates on the My Workplace website 


Summer 2016

Hold sessions with the McGill community on workplace culture and co-development.

Fall 2016

Develop, together with Organizational Development, a model for a supervisory skills training and continuous learning program to be implemented across McGill’s M-level staff members with supervisory duties.

Curriculum completed.

Fall 2016

Conduct an analysis of the My Workplace initiative with the help of an academic from the Desautels Faculty of Management specializing in organizational behaviour.  

Completed.  Report and proposed responding actions delivered to the senior administration in December 2016 for their endorsement. Endorsement received January 2017.

Winter 2017

Launch supervisory skills training and continuous learning program renamed: Supervisory Skills and Learning Circles training/learning program for supervisors.

Completed. Launched in January 2017, with Phase 1 completed in June.

Winter 2017

Conduct follow-up "Learning Organization" survey and benchmark results against those from 2015.

Completed. Results improved on 24 of 25 survey questions, indicating that My Workplace's efforts are producing quantifiable results.

Spring 2017

Wrap up Phase 1 of the Learning Circles pilot program, assess results, and apply learning to the planning of an expanded Phase 2 to be launched in fall 2017.

Phase 1 completed. Assessment of learnings and Phase 2 planning ongoing.

Spring-Summer 2017

Present My Workplace mission and survey results to Academic Leadership Forum, to strengthen ties with the academic areas of the University and solicit valuable feedback for use in determining future initiatives.

Completed. Presentation on March 30 sparked significant interest and yielded useful ideas for future projects and solicitations for greater My Workplace involvement in various academic areas.

Summer 2017

Build a plan to more permanently house completed My Workplace pilot projects, in order to ensure their continued stewardship and success. These may include the Staff Mentoring program, Great Ideas Pipeline, Job Shadowing, etc.


Fall 2017

Implement plan to permanently house My Workplace and its programs in Organizational Development, HR.

The Senior OD Advisor for My Workplace was returned to the Organizational Development Team in HR Central on September 25, 2017. My Workplace pilot programs have transitioned to Organizational Development.

Fall 2017

Launch Phase 2 of Learning Circles pilot program, targeting a larger group of supervisors.

Launch completed. The second cohort of Supervisory Development training with learning circles was launched on November 27, 2017

Fall 2017

Plan for Phase III of My Workplace.

My Workplace is being expanded and rooted in the Community with a connectors group focused on learning, training and transformation, along with 5 subgroups to be launched by early February:  My Engaged Workplace, My Healthy Workplace, My Quality Workplace, My Sustainable Workplace and My Service-oriented Workplace. Lessons learned are being applied to winter/spring program development and offering.

Winter 2018

Operationalize the My Workplace subgroups and reactive a modified Advisory Committee.


Winter 2018

Complete the needs assessments for Career Mentoring, training for new supervisors and development for senior managers.


Winter 2018

Launch the “Process Challenge” in Administration & Finance (job shadowing with partners in the field who are involved in different aspects of the same process).


Winter 2018

Redesign/adapt the Great Ideas Pipeline to align with the Phase III model.



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