The McGill Commitment


  • Fabrice Labeau, Interim Deputy Provost (Student Life & Learning)

  • Ollivier Dyens, Deputy Provost (Student Life & Learning),  2013-2018


This priority area focuses on providing all students with a stimulating, innovative, and inquiry-based educational experience. For undergraduate students, the McGill Commitment will ensure meaningful exposure to research, whether in the laboratory or in the field, and providing experiential and scholarly learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom and the gates of the University. For graduate students, the McGill Commitment will ensure excellence in supervision, and provide opportunities for developing career-enhancing professional skills. 

Long-term goals

  • Cultivating a seamless continuum from the classroom to the world
  • Re-imagining the curriculum and co-curricular activities
  • Re-energizing advising, supervising and mentoring
  • Combining life and learning in a single, unique, innovative higher education experience for all McGill students


Developing a website that will serve as a:

  • storefront to promote opportunities available in each Faculty
  • single point of entry for students interested in such opportunities

Working closely with Faculties, University Advancement and Communications to:

  • increase the number of opportunities
  • ensure students’ awareness of these opportunities
  • create a graduate certificate in management for all graduate students
  • enhance and expand “Skillsets” offerings in pedagogy
  • increase support for the development of innovative learning environments 

Key Milestones (updated December 2017)

Note: New updates and milestones appear in bold. Status updates will be posted twice a year.

Fall 2014

Receive all feedback from Faculties on current learning opportunities and ways to expand them and on key signature features of programs, including learning experiences

Winter 2015

Receive feedback on first draft from Deans, Associate Deans, P7 and other stakeholders

Winter 2015

Finish draft text and wireframes for the new website; obtain approval from Deans and P7.


Spring 2015

Launch "McGill Commitment" website



Fall 2015

Work with Faculties and University Advancement to build awareness and increase support.

Ongoing.  A Commitment Steering Committee with Faculty, Student Life and Learning, University Advancement and student representation has been established and continues to meet. 

Winter 2016 Further develop the offering for undergraduate skillset, innovation and entrepreneurship development, and other initiatives.

Completed.  Skills21 launched in September 2017.

Summer 2017-Fall 2017

Develop the next phase of the Commitment in consultations with the Faculties

Completed. $1 million has been allocated. Funding to be distributed for Fall 2017. 

Fall 2017 (to run for 3 years)

Development and Enhancement of Enriched Educational Opportunities (EEOs) in the Faculties

Funding has been allocated to all faculties to allow them to create new EEOs or enhance current ones.

Fall 2017

Explore a new platform for students to tie their experiential experiences to the Commitment.

Testing of the new platform has been completed. Now partnering with IT Services to assess whether tools in Office 365 can meet the students' needs.

Tool to be re-assessed. 

Fall 2017

Develop a communications strategy for the Commitment. 

Logo and tagline: completed.

Communications plan to be developed for the next phase of the Commitment, 2.0. 

Fall 2017-Winter 2018

Expand on current offerings for developing career-enhancing professional skills of graduate students (i.e., Individual Development Plan - IDP).

Phase 1, Research & Framework: Completed Phase 2, Creating myPath (

  • Guidebook (Paper & pencil option): Created and tested. Final edits in progress.
  • Online platform (web application):  Prototype created. Software development underway.
  • Programming (workshops, peer support): Essential components developed. Departments for testing selected.
  • Testing content with doctoral students: Ongoing.
  • Consulting with stakeholders: Ongoing.
  • Assessment plan: Draft created.

Final phase (revised) will be to launch myPath web application along with guidebook and programming (by Fall 2018), implement assessment plan, and develop a sustainability plan.

Fall 2017 (to run for 3 years) 

Expand on current offerings for developing career-enhancing professional skills of undergraduate students. Career planning Service (CAPS). 

Project staff hired for January 2018, with project mapping and consultations to begin.  Anticipated launch for both pilot programs is September 2018.  

Creation of the McGill Work Experience Program to integrate skill development opportunities (career readiness) in on-campus employment, and create experiential learning/work-integrated learning opportunities, in addition to onboarding programs. 

Fall 2017-Winter 2018

Expand international mobility opportunities

Ongoing. Partnering with institutions abroad to offer enhanced student mobility opportunities. 

Fall 2017-Winter 2018

Consider alumni engagement to help advance the Commitment objectives, ex. by building partnerships to provide experiential learning opportunities for students such as internships.


Fall 2017

Launch of new McGill Commitment project "Student of the Future."

Completed. Student of the Future project re-imagined as Commitment 2.0. 

Winter 2018 - Summer 2018

Commitment 2.0

The Commitment 2.0 will offer students the opportunity to work on a project for a full semester while keeping their full-time status. 

Pilot launch for Summer 2018 with extension into Winter 2018 as the full credited semester.  Select Arts and Science departments to participate.

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