McGill Centraide Campaign 2021-2022

October 12, 2021

Dear members of the McGill community,

McGill is committed more than ever, to our partnership with Centraide and the need to extend our support, kindness, and compassion to vulnerable Montrealers. The Greater Montreal community has been significantly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and large numbers of people turned to Centraide for help during this difficult period. As a COVID-19 response, Centraide established different funds, projects and programs to help vulnerable people and those weakened by the health crisis.

Centraide, a member of the United Way of Canada, distributes funds to 350 community organizations across Greater Montreal. These agencies help break social isolation, support youth success, and meet the basic needs of Montrealers – and above all, they care.

Again this year, McGillians will channel our University community engagement to make a difference for those in need. Each year, I am inspired by the strength of our collective spirit. And as our city, and the world, continues to cope with a global pandemic, rising to meet these needs is more critical than ever.

McGill will launch our annual Centraide campaign October 13, 2021, led by Louis Arseneault, Vice-Principal (Communications and External Relations) and Anja Geitmann Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. In the coming weeks, you will be invited to support and propose a variety of campaign efforts. As with last year, many of our perennial on-campus traditions will be re-imagined, and new ones will be added. I have confidence in the creativity and empathy of our community, and our ability to find solutions in the face of such challenges. As well, you will soon receive details about giving via automatic payroll deduction, which remains the easiest and most convenient way to support Centraide.

For more information about the campaign, please write to centraide [at] And please take a moment, if you can, to be inspired by the Centraide network of agencies working to reduce poverty and increase empowerment in every corner of our city. Your support helps ensure that this essential work continues, and that Montrealers’ futures remain bright.



Professor Suzanne Fortier

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

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