CPD Team Projects

Current CPD team projects

CPD members are currently conducting two major team projects funded through the IDRC Multi-Funder Initiative: Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women (GrOW). See GrOW program description.

Project 1: Improving childcare options to create better economic opportunities for women in Nairobi slums
PI Shelley Clark
Other CPD team members: Sarah Brauner-Otto (Sociology), Sonia Laszlo (Economics), and Franque Grimard (Economics)
Other McGill team members: Claudia Mitchell (Education and Participatory Cultures Lab) and Phil Oxhorn (ISID and Political Science)
Project description and resource materials


Project 2: Affordable day-care to empower Indian women
PI Arijit Nandi
Other CPD team member: Sam Harper
Project description and resource materials