Aniruddha (Bobby) Das

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Associate Professor

Department of Sociology
McGill University
Stephen Leacock Building, Room 730
855 Shebrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7

Tel.: 514-398-4582
Fax: 514-398-3403
E-Mail: aniruddha.das [at] (Aniruddha (Bobby) Das)

Departmental Profile



Prof. Das is a social demographer with expertise in aging and the life course. His previous work has been focusing on sex and gender, and his current research is on population-based sociology with biomeasures. His long term agenda is to construct sociologically-nuanced and biologically-sensitive models of the life course, using and further developing the growing array of biosocial datasets.



  • Medical sociology
  • Aging and life course
  • Biodemography
  • Quantitative methods
  • Gender and sex
  • Social networks
  • Natural Language Processing

Prof Das's major theme of research is the long-term physiological consequences of social stressors, including stress-metabolic pathways and Allostatic Load. A second bio-social theme is sex hormones, their interaction with social assets (particularly religion), and the relative influence of these factors on partnership and other outcomes. Future goals include extending this work toward oxytocin and vasopressin for social attachment, pro-inflammatory cytokines, basal cortisol, and targeted genes for stress-hormone receptors—all starting to become available in public-use data.



PhD in Sociology (2008): University of Chicago


Recent Publications:

Das, Aniruddha. Forthcoming. Network connections and salivary testosterone among older U.S. women: Social modulation or hormonal causation? Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences.

Das, Aniruddha. 2017. Depression, inflammation, and physiological risk in late life: A national longitudinal study. Biodemography and Social Biology, 63, 131-147.

Das, Aniruddha. 2016. Psychosocial distress and inflammation: Which way does causality flow? Social Science and Medicine, 170, 1-8.

Das, Aniruddha. Forthcoming. Dyadic configurations of sexual problems among older U.S. adults: A national studyJournal of Sex and Marital Therapy.

Das, Aniruddha & Nicole Sawin.* 2016. Social modulation or hormonal causation? Linkages of testosterone with sexual activity and relationship quality in a nationally representative longitudinal sample. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 45, 2101–2115.

Das, Aniruddha & Nicholas Otis.* 2016. Sexual Contact in Childhood, Revictimization, and Lifetime Sexual and Psychological Outcomes. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 45, 1117-1131.