Xavier St-Denis

Assistant Professor

Centre Urbanisation Culture Société
385, Sherbrooke Street East
Montréal (Québec)  H2X 1E3

E-mail: Xavier.St-Denis [at] ucs.inrs.ca 
Office: 385 Sherbrooke Street East

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Xavier St-Denis is an Assistant Professor in Social Inequalities at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Centre Urbanisation Culture Société. He studies social stratification and mobility dynamics across the life course, focusing on the trajectories of individuals in the postsecondary education system and on the labour market. His recent work explores the drivers of trends in job stability in Canada, the UK and Germany, and the consequences of job hopping on hiring outcomes in different US occupations, as well as the drivers of intergenerational income transmission in Canada using linkages between survey and administrative data.

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