Franque Grimard

Professor Franque Grimard

Associate Professor

Department of Economics
McGill University
Stephen Leacock Building, room 417
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7

Tel.: 514-398-4717
E-mail: franque.grimard [at]
Office: Stephen Leacock Building, room 417

Departmental Profile

Professor Grimard's research interests span a broad range of topics across economic development, health economics, and environment economics. His work in economic development has included labor markets, integration of women in labor force, credit markets and bank failures, trade and growth,  and tax reform. His work has spanned many countries including Côte d'Ivoire, Pakistan, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, and Peru. His work in health economics includes smoking and low income households in Canada while his work in economic development focuses on agroforestry practices and sustainable agricultural practices.

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