Aaron Erlich

Associate Professor

Department of Political Science
McGill University
3610 McTavish, RM 26-2
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1Y2

Tel.: 514-398-4756
E-mail: aaron.erlich [at] mcgill.ca
Office: 3610 McTavish, RM 26-2

Departmental Profile
Personal Website

Dr. Erlich has been a Professor in the Dept of Political Science at McGill since Fall 2016. He has several current projects directly related to CPD. First, Dr. Erlich has two papers exploring how survey respondents vary their answers when faced with interviewers who are much older or younger than them (young people change their responses more in the face of older interviewers).  Second, he has a project with current CPD member Thomas Soehl that uses Facebook to recruit migrants from the same country in 10-15 countries to which they immigrated. They seek to understand how social norms are shaped by context for these immigrants. Third, he has been involved in training efforts and is on the CanD3 grant.

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