Winter 2015

Winter 2015

Farhan Majid Farhan Majid, Institute for Health and Social Policy, McGill University

"The Persistent Effects of the Fetal Environment Over the Life Cycle: Evidence From Ramadan Fasting"

Presentation recording Jan. 21, 12-1 PM Leacock 429
Stephen Gilman Stephen Gilman, Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health

"The developmental origins of inequalities in common mental disorders"

Powerpoint pdf

Feb. 4, 12-1 PM Leacock 429
Neil Andersson Neil Andersson, Family Medicine, McGill University

"Women make it work: planned behaviour and intermediate outcomes in a cluster RCT of dengue prevention in Mexico"

Not available  Feb. 11, 12-1 PM Leacock 429
Roberta Sinatra Roberta Sinatra, Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University "Quantifying patterns of scientific excellence" Presentation recording Feb. 18, 12-1 PM Leacock 429
Thomas Soehl Thomas Soehl, Sociology, McGill University "Incentives for the Transmission of Cultural Practices: Language and Religion in Migrant Families in France" Not available Feb. 25, 12-1 PM Leacock 429
MARCH 2015

No talk, reading week

March 4, 12-1 PM Leacock 429
Thomas LeGrand Thomas LeGrand, Demography, Univeristé de Montréal "The Data Revolution: Overview and the Perspective of Demographers" Powerpoint presentation pdf March 11, 12-1 PM Leacock 429
Kevin Lang Kevin Lang, Economics, Boston University "The Sad Truth About Happiness Scales"

Powerpoint presentation pdf

March 18, 12-1 PM Leacock 429
John Caley John Cawley, Department of Policy Analysis and Management & Economics, Cornell University "Incentivizing Nutritious Diets:  A Field Experiment of Relative Price Changes and How They Are Framed" Not available March 25, 12-1 PM Leacock 429
APRIL 2015
Jeffrey Bingenheimer Jeffrey Bingenheimer, School of Public Health and Health Services, George Washington University  "Gendered social contexts of adolescent sexual and reproductive health risks in Ghana: some findings from a longitudinal study"

Powerpoint presentation pdf

Apr. 1, 12-1 PM Leacock 429
Omar Galarra

Omar Galárraga, Health Services, Policy and Practice, Brown University

"Conditional Economic Incentives to Reduce HIV Risks: Results from a Randomized Controlled Pilot among Male Sex Workers in Mexico City"

Presentation not available Apr. 8, 12-1 PM Leacock 429