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Women in House

Women in House has a mandate to promote women’s representation in government by giving female McGill students the opportunity to gain an inside look into the daily schedules of female politicians in the Canadian federal government.

What is Women in House?

Women in House was created in 2001 by McGill students Galit Dobner and Chi Nguyen. It is a two-day trip to Ottawa, during which participants take a tour of Parliament, hear individual speakers and attend panel discussions, as well as shadow a female MP or Senator. The program is both non partisan and fully subsidized.

The purpose of the program is to foster a desire for political involvement in and enthusiasm for Canadian politics among McGill women. This is extremely important since women continue to face under representation in all levels of government in Canada. At the federal level, women’s representation is currently only 22 percent in the House of Commons and 33 percent in the Senate. Therefore, the Women in House program aims to give female students the unique opportunity to learn from and have one-on-one interaction with Canada’s female political leaders—women who have successfully broken through the barriers that women who wish to enter political life continue to face. View the PowerPoint Presentation [.ppt] from the 2009 program for more details.

Who can apply to the Women in House Program?

Applications from both McGill undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. However, since it is a program that focuses on the role of women in politics, Women in House is only open to women. Preference will also be given to Canadian applicants. In addition, Women in House is open to women with diverse experiences and fields of study.

Interested in applying to the Women in House Program?

For more information or to apply, please visit: .

Contact womeninhouse [at] with any questions that you may have.

Useful links

Equal Voice is an organization with strong links to the Women in House Program. This organization is non partisan and advocates for women’s representation in all levels of government in Canada:

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