Retired Faculty

Elisabeth GidengilElisabeth Gidengil

Hiram Mills Professor Emerita
elisabeth.gidengil [at]

Specialization: Canadian Politics
Areas of Interest: Political Engagement and Democratic Citizenship, Women and Politics, Neuropolitics. Media and Politics 

Richard SchultzSchultz

James McGill Professor of Political Science, Emeritus
richard.schultz [at]

Specialization: Canadian Politics
Areas of Interest: Canadian Political Economy and Public Policy particularly Government Regulation, Canadian Political Process, Canadian Federalism

Harold WallerWaller

Professor Emeritus
harold.waller [at]

Specialization: Comparative Government and Politics
Areas of Interest: The U.S. Budgetary Process as a Focal Point of the Struggle Over Public Policy, American Politics, Research Methods, Jewish Political Studies, Israeli Politics

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