Progress, Challenges, and Future Options for Food Security in Ethiopia


A guest lecture by Logan Cochrane of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU Qatar), Carleton University and Hawassa University (Ethiopia).

Abstract:  Ethiopia has made significant progress preventing famine. However, food insecurity remains a challenge for the country. As recent as 2016, one in five Ethiopians relied on emergency assistance. This presentation presents research in the 2021 book Ethiopia and Food Security, which analyzes what we know about food security in Ethiopia, and how we know it, as well as what remains under-researched. The results highlight the role of issues not often associated with food security research, such as migration and debt. A participatory approach identified that research often makes invisible the purposeful and insightful choices farmers make, and therefore programs and services that would align with their priorities. In analyzing how the evidence about food security is shaped, the book highlights avenues for re-envisioning research methods, particularly as policy and services encounter politics. The presentation will conclude with options and opportunities available for strengthening food security.

Live on Zoom:

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