Pioneers, emerging land-use frontiers and economies of anticipation in northern Mozambique


A guest lecture by Dr Angela Kronenberg Garcia of the Université catholique de Louvain.

Abstract:  This paper brings two fields of study into dialogue, land systems science and the anthropology of the future, to analyse how ‘economies of anticipation’ (Cross 2014, 2015) shape land-use dynamics in emerging frontiers. Based on ethnographic research in northern Mozambique over 2017-2018, we focus on an emerging agricultural frontier in the western province of Niassa and an emerging extractive frontier in the eastern coastal province of Cabo Delgado. We explore future orientations and future-oriented practices by focusing on two types of pioneering actors that have played key roles in frontier emergence through their unusual motivations and trajectories: missionary farmers and junior mining companies. We discuss how economies of anticipation have shaped their land-use decisions and practices, and those of other actors with whom they interact (local communities, government representatives, NGOs).

Held on Zoom:

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