Antonia Maioni

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Antonia Maioni
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855 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2T7

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antonia.maioni [at]
Dean, Faculty of Arts
Research areas: 
Canadian Politics
Comparative Government and Politics

Currently serving as:

President of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Member of the Board, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement
Member of the Research Council, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Areas of interest: 
  • Health Care Reform in Canada and the United States
  • Social Policy and the Welfare State 
  • Comparative Politics
  • Provincial Politics, Quebec Politics
  • Political Parties
  • Canadian Political Process
Selected publications: 


Recent Articles & Book Chapters

  • "Health Care in Canada and the United States” in David M. Thomas and David N. Biette, Canada and the United States: Differences that Count 2014 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press), pp. 254-272.
  • “Canada” in James A. Morone and Dan Ehlke, Health Politics and Policy(Nelson/Cengage), pp. 398-404.
  • “What Moves Public Opinion on Health Care?” (with S. Soroka and P. Martin), Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, Vol. 38, No. 5 (March 2013).
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  • “Transformación del Estado de bienestar canadiense”, in Gustavo Vega Cánovas e Irina Alberro, Canadá: Gobernabilidad democrática y política exterior in una época de crisis y cambio internacionales (México: El Colegio de México, 2011), pp. 127-149.
  •  “Citizenship and Health Care” International Journal of Canadian Studies, no. 42 (Fall 2010)
  • “Health Care in Quebec”, in Quebec Questions: Quebec Studies for the Twenty-First Century, ed. Jarrett Rudy et al. (Oxford University Press, 2010).
  • « Health care reform in the 2008 US presidential election » International Journal, Volume LXIV, No. 1 (Winter 2008-09), pp. 135-144.
  • “Health Care in Crisis: What’s Driving Health Reform in Canada and the United States?” (with Theodore R. Marmor), One Issue, Two Voices, Issue 9 (April 2008), (Washington, DC: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars).
  • (with C. Manfredi) « L’arrêt Chaoulli et la judiciarisation des politiques de santé » dans François Béland, Le privé dans la santé : Les discours et les faits (Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, 2008), pp. 264-280.
  • “Health Care in Canada” in Herman Bakvis and Grace Skogstad, eds, Canadian Federalism, 2nd edition (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2008), pp. 161-181.
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  •  "Les litiges fondés sur les droits et l'émergence du rôle des tribunaux dans l'élaboration des politiques en matière de santé." Ruptures: Revue transdisciplinarie en santé, 11.1 (2006): 32-55 (Automne 2006).
  •  (with C. Manfredi) “Reversal of Fortune: Litigating Health Care Reform in Auton v. British Columbia,” Supreme Court Law Review (2d) 29 (2005, pp. 111-136).
  •  “From Cinderella to Belle of the Ball: The Politics of Primary Care Reform in Canada” in Ruth Wilson, S. E. D. Shortt and John Dorland, eds., Implementing Primary Care Reform: Barriers and Facilitators (Montreal: McGill Queen’s University Press, 2004), pp. 97-109.
  • “Roles and Responsibilities in Health Care Policy” in Tom McIntosh, Pierre-Gerlier Forest, Gregory P. Marchildon, eds., The Governance of Health Care in Canada: The Romanow Papers, Volume 3 (Toronto: University  of Toronto Press, 2004), pp. 169-198.
  • “Tobacco Control in Canada” (co-author with Christopher P. Manfredi), Unfiltered:  Conflicts over Tobacco Control and Public Health, edited by Ron Bayer and Eric Feldman (Harvard University Press, 2004), pp. 68-88.

Selected Policy Papers

  • Health Care Funding: Needs and Realities” Policy Options/Options politiques (May 2010), pp. 69-72.
  • The Continuum of US Health Care Reform" Policy Options/Options politiques (November 2009), pp. 16-24.
  • "Towards an Iggy-nation in Quebec" ” Policy Options/Options politiques (May 2009), pp 38-41.
  • Charest – The Teflon Man Closes the Deal” Policy Options/Options politiques (February 2009), pp. 71-74.
  •  “Health Care: The Constant Refrain” Policy Options/Options politiques(October 2008), pp. 72-78.
  •  “What I saw at the Liberal Party” Policy Options/Options politiques(February 2007) pp. 46-49.
  •  “Showing the flag – the origins and consequences of the sponsorship scandal” in Policy Options/Options politiques (June 2005) pp. 22-25.
  •  “The Role of the Media: A campaign saved by a horserace” (with Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant and Stuart Soroka) in Policy Options/Options politiques, September 2004, pp. 86-91.,
  • “New century, new risks: the Marsh Report and the post-war welfare state in Canada" in Policy Options/Options politiques (August 2004), pp. 20-23.
  •  “From Paul Martin père to fils: kicking around the political football of health care” in Policy Options/Options politiques (Dec. 2003-Jan. 2004) pp. 35-38.



Research grants:

2004-2008 Research grant, McGill-Max Bell Strategic Initiatives Program, “Innovation and Implementation in Public Policy” (PI)
2005-2006 CIBC Conference Board Scholar-in-Residence Award
2003-2006 Operating Grant, Canadian Institutes for Health Research, “Rights Litigation and Health Care” (co-PI with Christopher P. Manfredi)
2001-2004 Research Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, “The Politics of Health Care Reform”
2001-2011 William Dawson Award, McGill University

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