Gwendolyn Owens

GWENDOLYN OWENS, Director of Curatorial Affairs, Visual Arts Collection, McGill University, is responsible for the University’s wide-ranging and expanding collection, which now includes more than 3400 works of art inside and outside buildings across three campuses. She is particularly interested in subjects that cross boundaries: art and architecture, art and urban planning, art and forest history, art and economics, art and food, and art and science. She has previously held curatorial positions at the university museums at Cornell University, Williams College, and the University of Maryland as well as the Canadian Centre for Architecture. An expert on university collections, collection management, and museum buildings, she has worked with many institutions, particularly universities, to help them organize their collections and follow professional standards. Her scholarly publications include articles, exhibition catalogues, and books on a wide range of topics including artist-architect Gordon Matta-Clark, on whom she has written extensively; mid-nineteenth century American landscape painting; painters Maurice Prendergast and David Milne; Montreal artist and architect Melvin Charney; art markets in the 20th century; and kitchen wallpaper in Canada. She is currently researching the work of Marian Dale Scott.

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