Speaker Series

Plurilingual Lab Speaker Series

The Plurilingual Lab Speaker Series is hosted at via Zoom from McGill University’s Faculty of Education. Some key questions we aim to address are:

How can we improve language learning and teaching?

What are the potential benefits and challenges of multi/plurilingual education?

What are the most relevant issues of social justice in language education?

What does it mean to decolonize language education and what can teachers do in their classroom?

What are key elements in present language policies (at local, national and international levels) that need to be updated to better suit societal needs?

These and other questions drive the lectures of our series. The talks are one-hour long followed by a 30-minute discussion. We invite McGill students, faculty and the external community to attend our lectures, all free of charge.

Promotion of the event is done via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), the Plurilingual Lab website, and the department’s website. Video recordings of the lectures are made available on the lab's YouTube channel. Photography and video taken during the event may be used for communication and promotional purposes.

If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list to receive information about future presentations, contact us at plurilinguallab [at] gmail.com

The Plurilingual Lab Speaker Series team is:

Dr. Angelica Galante: Coordinator

Alexa Ahooja: Zoom Host

Ben Calman: Communications and Community Relations

Xinyan Fang: Registration Manager

Paul J. Meighan: Chat Moderator

Next Talk: March 25 at 11am (EST) with Dr. Ajit Mohanty. Click here to register.

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