Food Production and Environment

Academic Advisor:

Professor Sylvie de Blois
Department of Plant Science
Rm. 2-028a
Raymond Building
Macdonald Campus
Ste Anne de Bellevue, Quebec H9X 3V9
Tel.: 514-398-7581
Fax: 514-398-7897
sylvie.deblois [at] (Email) sylvie.deblois [at]

This Domain is open only to students in the BSc Major in Environment Program. (63 or 64 credits including Core)

The business of food production is an area of human activity with a large and intimate interaction with the environment. Modern agriculturalists must strike a delicate balance between trying to provide food for themselves, their families and urban dwellers while trying to minimize environmental damage. When negative effects due to agricultural activities do occur, they are not usually the classic point source effects that we have come to associate with industry or large cities. Rather, the effects are over extremely large land areas cumulating, perhaps, in pollution of river systems or lakes some distance away. As world populations grow, and as diets change, potentially negative interactions between agricultural systems and other facets of the environment will become more frequent. In the same way, urban sprawl will make conflicts between agriculture and urbanites more common.

For more information visit the McGill School of Environment Food Production and Environment web page.

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