Field research facilities

The Macdonald Campus operates two field research stations: the Horticultural Research Centre and the Emile A. Lods Agronomy Research Centre.

Services and facilities are available on a cost-recovery basis

Field experimentation services include:

  • Consultation on experimental design
  • Land preparation
  • Technical assistance and equipment for seeding, weed control, harvest and post-harvest operations
  • Data collection, entry and analysis

Facilities include:

  • Specialized equipment for field research on plant productivity
  • Irrigation (drip and sprinkler) and fertiguation
  • Greenhouses, hydroponics, plasticulture
  • Wide range of soil types
  • Real-time differential Global Positioning System
  • GIS database with information on soil characteristics, weeds, etc.
  • Environmental monitoring (hourly soil and air temperatures, relative humidity etc.)
  • Ecological agriculture area
  • Research apple orchard and other perennial plantings (asparagus, strawberry etc.)
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