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Technician - Plant Science


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The Department of Plant Science is seeking a research technician. The successful candidate will, under the direction of the immediate supervisor, performs technical duties in the field of plant science. Participates in projects and experiments. Monitors equipment and control systems. Maintains plant collections. Acts as resource person, resolves problems and instructs others. Maintains equipment. Compiles data.

Duties include: Performs a variety of technical tasks in the unit’s plant growth facilities (research greenhouse, phytorium). Assists in research projects. Acts as resource person to users of these facilities; resolves problems; implements corrective measures. Provides general technical guidance; instructs on best practices and use of equipment. Delivers annual workshops to users, aimed at promoting good practices. Prepares materials and equipment for users. Obtains and assesses technical demands of projects; reviews, selects and modifies methodology. Maintains regular interaction with a variety of users (graduate students, PIs, external users and research partners).



Support Staff

There are no positions currently available

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