Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics

*Open to eligible students from all disciplines*

The Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics teaches students the basics of bioinformatics thinking, methodology and applications and offers hands-on experience with computers and bioinformatics tools. Required courses include basic unix skills, genomics data, common bioinformatics software, relational databases and web resources. It is cross-disciplinary in nature and introduces the students to many application areas (for example medicine, agriculture, chemistry) through the courses and instructors. The Certificate is completed in one term (Winter).

Students: This program is intended for you if
1) you have an undergraduate degree (B.Sc.) in Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Computer Science or a related field and
2) you want to know more about Bioinformatics in order to advance your career
To apply:

Contact: martina.stromvik [at] (Prof. Martina Stromvik) for more information