Danielle J. Donnelly

Associate Professor

Director, Barbados Interdisciplinary Tropical Studies Program (BITS)

T: 514-398-7856  |  danielle.donnelly [at] mcgill.ca (Email)  |  Raymond Building, R2-023A

PLEASE NOTE: Dr Donnelly will be retiring on December 31, 2018 and will no longer be accepting graduate students.


BSc(Agr) (McGill)
PhD (Simon Fraser)

Short Bio

Professor Danielle Donnelly is a long-standing member of the Plant Science Dept. at McGill, where she teaches and conducts research with undergraduate and graduate students. She teaches Plant Propagation and various Undergraduate Research courses; videos prepared by her students can be viewed here. Prof. Donnelly’s research relates to plant tissue culture technologies for clonal plant improvement, and lab and field-based screening for improved genotypes of table stock and processing cultivars of potato. She works closely with experts in potato technology both in industry and in government. Recent contributions have highlighted new technologies for potato improvement, based on somatic variation. Current efforts to screen potato genotypes for improved phytonutrients involve collaborators in the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition and Canadian potato breeding agencies. Prof. Donnelly also directs McGill’s summer field study program in Barbados (Barbados Interdisciplinary Tropical Studies or BITS, for short). A synopsis of the BITS program and related projects in Barbados can be viewed at this site.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2012: Outstanding Paper Award from the Potato Association of America for Nassar et al., 2011 Intraclonal selection for improved processing of NB ‘Russet Burbank’ potato Am J Potato Res 387-397.
  • Affiliate, McGill Institute for Global Food Security (2017 – current)
  • Collaborate on research initiatives, educational programs, and outreach activities.
  • Honorary Research Associate, University of New Brunswick (2014 - 2018)
  • Collaborative training of visiting scientists and graduate students from UNB at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)-Fredericton. 
  • Visiting Scientist, AAFC-Fredericton (2016 - 2021)
  • Collaborative training of of AAFC technical staff, visiting scientists, students (UNB, Chinese Universities) with AAFC-Fredericton Researcher Dr. X.Q. Li and his team.

Research Interests

The Potato Research Team: Professors Luis Agellon, Danielle Donnelly & Stan Kubow.Dr. Danielle Donnelly's research focuses on in vitro technologies for genetic improvement of both table and processing cultivars of potato. Field-based selection of somaclonal variants is used for improvement of tuber yield and type while lab-based selections are applied for better storage and phytochemical characters. Dr. Donnelly has extensive research experience in micropropagation and hydroponic technologies, germplasm storage, and certification programs for clonally propagated species.

Watch video on Dr. Donnelly's potato research.

Current Research

Somaclonal selection for improved processing and phytonutrient composition of cultivated potato (Solanum tubersosum L.). Screening table stock cultivars for improved nutrients for Canadian breeding programs.


AEBI 421 Trop. Horticultural Ecology 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

AEBI 427 Barbados Interdisc Project 6 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

PLNT 310 Plant Propagation 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

PLNT 351 Course not available

SPECIAL TOPICS COURSES are always available on request for Fall, Winter or Summer (includes Barbados Special Topics projects) semesters

Other Internship, Honours, and Special Topics Courses also available

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View a list of current publications online

Select Publications

Potato and Human Health

Role of Potato in Human Health

  • Lovat., C-A., A.M.K. Nassar, S. Kubow., X.-Q. Li, and D.J. Donnelly. 2015. Metabolic biosynthesis of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) antioxidants and implications for human health. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.
  • Nassar, A.M.K., K. Sabally, S. Kubow, Y. Leclerc, and D.J. Donnelly (2012) Some Canadian-grown potato cultivars contribute a substantial content of essential dietary minerals. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 60: 4688-4696.
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Potatoes and Nutrient Content

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  • Singh, A., K. Sebally, S. Kubow, D.J. Donnelly, V. Orsat, and G.S.V. Raghavan. 2010. Optimization of microwave assisted extraction of antioxidants from potato peel. XVIIth World  Congress of the International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR). Canadian Society for Bioengineering Section IV: Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering. Quebec City, Canada. June 13-17, 2010.
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Genetic Variation through Tissue Culture

Somaclonal Technology for Potato Improvement

  • Nassar, A.M.K., S. Kubow, and D.J. Donnelly. (2014) Somatic embryogenesis for potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) improvement. Chapter 8 In: Somatic Genome Manipulation. Springer.
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  • Nassar, A.M.K., J. Abdulnour, Y. Leclerc, X-Q. Li, & D.J. Donnelly. 2011. Intraclonal selection for improved processing of NB 'Russet Burbank' potato. Am. J. Potato Res. 88:387-397.  (Winner of the Potato Association of America’s “Outstanding Paper Award for 2012”).

Testing Periclinal Chimeral Theory with Somaclones

  • Nassar, A.M.K., E. Oritz-Medina, Y.N. Leclerc & D.J. Donnelly. 2008. Periclinal chimeral status of New Brunswick ‘Russet Burbank’ potato. Am. J. Potato Res. 85:432-437.

Genetic Risk Through Micropropagation

  • Oritz-Medina, E. & D. J. Donnelly. 2005. Micropropagation and genetic risk: securing clonal fidelity. P 45-53 In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on True-to-Typeness of Date Palm Tissue Culture-Derived Plants. Marrakech, Morocco, 23-25 May, 2005. Joint publication of the FAO, Date Palm Global Network, UAE University, United Arab Emirates.

Canadian Certification Programs

Potato and Evolution

  • Li, X-Q., T. Zhang, & D.J. Donnelly. 2011. Selective loss of cysteine residues and disulphide bonds in a potato proteinase inhibitor II family. PLosONE 6:e18615. 

Crop Certification & Variety Protection

  • Donnelly, D.J., & A. Dale. 2014. Concept and Laboratory Exercise; Crop Certification Programs and the Production of Specific Pathogen Free Plants. Chap. XIV In: Plant Propagation Concepts and Laboratory Exercises. 2nd Edition. Ed. C. Beyl, R. Trigiano & J. Preece. CRC Press, Boca Raton.
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Potato Cultivar Identification

  • Li, X.-Q., M. Haroon, S.E. Coleman, A. Sullivan, M. Singh, L. Ward, S.H. DeBoer, T. Zhang & D.J. Donnelly. 2008. Simplified procedure for verifying and identifying potato cultivars using multiplex PCR. Canadian J Plant Science 88: 583-592.

Potatoes and Salinity Tolerance

Salt Tolerance in Potato (Review Article)

  • Donnelly, D.J., S.O. Prasher & R.M. Patel 2007. Towards the Development of Salt Tolerant Potato. Chapter 11 In: Potato Biology and Biotechnology: Advances and Perspectives, Eds. MacKerron, D. and H. Ross, Scottish Crop Research Institute Elsevier, UK.

In Vitro or Lysimeter Studies on Potato; Salinity Stress

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Potatoes and Calcium Uptake

In Vitro Studies

  • Habib, A., J. Abdulnour & D.J. Donnelly, 2005/6. Increased calcium availability improves potato micropropagation and microtuberization. Potato Res 47:139-150.
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Potatoes and Microtuber Technology

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Red Raspberry and Freezing Stress

  • Palonen, P., D. Buszard & D.J. Donnelly, 2000. Changes in carbohydrates and freezing tolerance during cold acclimation of red raspberry cultivars grown in vitro and in vivo. Physiol Plant, 110:393-401.
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