Student Association "GAP"

The Graduate Association of Physiology (GAP) is the representative body for graduate students and post-docs in the Department of Physiology at McGill University. We aim to enrich the graduate experience for our members. We achieve this by organizing academic and social events.

Our GAP representatives making a donation to “Share the Warmth” for their Holidays fundraiser

In addition to representing students and Post-docs, GAP activities include:
-Journal Clubs
-“GAP Junction” Technical Seminars
-Graduate Research Day Image Competition
-Annual Ski Trip
-Annual Holidays Party
-Fundraisers and Charity Events for the Montreal Community
-Graduate Students Mentoring Program

 Contact: gap.pgss [at]


Executive Body

Radu Gabriel Avramescu
VP Finance
PhD-2, Protein Biochemistry
Radu in 1 word: Curious
Fun fact: Busts mad rhymes
Email: radu.avramescu [at]

Daniel Kaufman  
VP External

MSc-2, Physiology and Nephrology
Daniel in 1 word: Creative
Fun fact: Loves all things trivia
Email: Daniel.kaufman [at]

Hicham Mahboubi  
VP Communications

PhD-4, Molecular Biology
Hicham in 1 word: Driven
Fun fact: Professional Globe-trotter
Email: hicham.mahboubi [at]




Nour Malek 
VP Academic
PhD-4, Neurophysiology
Nour in 1 word: Positive
Fun fact: Broadway Fanatic
Email: nour.malek [at]

Behrang Sharif  
PhD-2, Pain research
Behrang in 1 word: Available
Fun fact: Lyric opera tenor singer
Email: behrang.sharif [at]


Kimberly Young
VP Social

MSc-2, Physiology
Kim in 1 word: Enigmatic
Fun fact: I will beat you at Mario Kart Wii
Email: kimpossible11 [at]