Online Seminar - Factor Inhibiting ATF4 Transcription (FIAT) as a target for drug development


There is a need for developing treatments to stimulate bone formation in regenerative medicine since the approved drugs can only be used for a maximum of two years and have potential high risk side effects. Using FIAT (Factor Inhibiting ATF4 Mediated Transcription) as a target for drug development, we have developed a high-throughput assay that identified a lead compound (small molecule) for the development of drugs that could stimulate bone formation. The seminar will present the characterization of FIAT as a suitable target and will include recent results addressing the mechanism of action of the lead compound and its safety and efficacy to increase bone mass and strength in preclinical models.

This seminar will be given online via Zoom. Details in attached poster.

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Department of Physiology
chairasst.physiology [at]
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