Stephanie Leary

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Assistant Professor

Stephanie Leary
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855 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2T7

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stephanie.leary [at]
LEA 942
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Research areas: 

Stephanie Leary did her B.A. in philosophy at the University of Washington from 2006-2009 and her PhD at Rutgers University from 2010-2016. Before coming to McGill, she was the Oscar R. Ewing Visiting Assistant Professor at Indiana University, Bloomington.  

Current research: 

Most of Stephanie’s research is either about whether normative properties like goodness, badness, rightness and wrongness are ultimately reducible to the stuff of science (and what that means), or it’s about whether ethical considerations, and not just the evidence, are relevant to what we ought to believe (and how so).

She is currently the Principal Investigator of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded research project, Beyond the Hashtags: The Ethics of Belief in the #MeToo Era (Insight Development Grant, 2020-23).

For more information, visit her personal website:

Selected publications: 

Banks, Bosses, and Bears: a Pragmatist Argument Against Encroachment,” forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

“What is Normative Non-naturalism?” forthcoming in Ergo

Grounding the Domains of Reasons” (2020) Australasian Journal of Philosophy 98(1): 137-52

In Defense of Practical Reasons for Belief” (2017) Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 95(3): 529-42.

“Non-naturalism and Normative Necessities” (2017) Oxford Studies in Metaethics, 12: 76-105.

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