Storrs McCall

Office: Leacock 915

Office hours: Tues & Thurs 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Tel: 514-398-7333

Email: storrs.mccall [at] (Storrs McCall)


BA (McGill), 1952
B Phil (Oxford), 1955
D Phil (Oxford), 1964

Teaching and research areas

My research interests lie in the philosophy of space and time, connexive logic, the problems of measurement and non-locality in quantum mechanics, and questions concerning deliberation, decision, freewill, probability and choice. Connexive logic is based on a species of implication that dates back to the fourth century BC, but which has resisted formal treatment until recently. At present I am working on the consistency of arithmetic (my response to Gödel), and on space-time branching..

Selected Publications


A Model of the Universe, Oxford, 1994.

Polish Logic, 1920-1939, (ed.) Oxford 1967.

Aristotle’s Modal Syllogisms, Amsterdam, 1963.

Recent Articles (published and/or available online)

(Last updated February 24, 2012.)

New article: The Consistency of Arithmetic the_consistency_of_arithmetic_feb_10_2011.doc

New article: Does the Brain Lead the Mind

New article: “The Causative Power of Conscious Choice”.

New article: “Laws of Nature and Branching Spacetime”. laws_003_pdf.pdf

New article: “Controlled Indeterministic Processes in Action Theory”.

“An Insoluble Problem”, Analysis 70, 2010, pp. 647-48.

“The Supervenience of Truth: Freewill and Omniscience”, Analysis 71, 2011, pp.501-506.

"The origin of life and the definition of life", in Contemporary Aristotelian Metaphysics, ed. T.E. Tahko, Cambridge 2012.

New article: "Action Based on Deliberation and Decision".

With E.J. Lowe, “The Determinists Have Run Out of Luck – for a Good Reason”, 2008.


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