Emily Carson

Associate Professor

Office: Leacock 936

Tel: 514-398-6620


Email: emily.carson [at] mcgill.ca (Emily Carson)

Emily Carson earned an MA in Philosophy at McGill (1989), and a PhD in Philosophy at Harvard (1996). Her primary area of research is in early modern philosophy and the intersection of philosophy, mathematics and science in that period, with a particular focus on Kant’s philosophy of mathematics. She is an Executive Editor with the Canadian Journal of Philosophy.

Teaching and Research Areas

Kant’s philosophy of mathematics, early modern philosophy

Selected Publications

“Arithmetic and the possibility of experience” to appear in a volume on Kant’s philosophy of mathematics edited by Carl Posy and Ofra Rechter, Cambridge University Press.

“Pure intuition and Kant’s synthetic a priori”, 2012, in Debates in modern philosophy, edited by Antonia LoLordo and Stewart Duncan, Routledge.

“Sensibility: space and time, transcendental idealism” in Kant: Key Concepts, edited by Kristina Engelhardt and Will Dudley, Acumen 2011.

“Hintikka on Kant’s mathematical method” in Revue Internationale de Philosophie, volume 250, no. 4, 2010.

“Leibniz on Locke on mathematical knowledge”, Locke Studies 7 (2007), pp.21-47.

“Locke and Kant on mathematical knowledge”, in Carson and Huber (eds.) [2006]: Intuition and the Axiomatic Method, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 3-21.

“Locke on simple and mixed modes”, Locke Studies, volume 5, 2005, pp. 19-39.

“Metaphysics, mathematics and the distinction between the sensible and the intelligible in Kant’s Inaugural Dissertation”, Journal of the History of Philosophy (37), 2004, pp. 652-79.

“Locke’s account of certain and demonstrative knowledge”, British Journal for the History of Philosophy 10(3), August 2002, pp.359-78.

"Kant on the method of mathematics", Journal of the History of Philosophy, October 1999, volume XXXVII, no. 4, pp.629-52.

"Kant on intuition in geometry", Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Vol.27, Number 4, December, 1997, pp.489-512.