Summer 2023 Bursary


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Stipend for a 16-week summer research internship in a Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics laboratory between the months of May and August. The bursary offers $4,500; the host Pharmacology & Therapeutics laboratory contributes a minimum of $1,125 (25%) for a total of $5,625. A formal mentorship program for the student will be provided by the supervising professor and the Faculty of Medicine’s Social Accountability and Community Engagement Office. If in-person research is not permitted due to COVID-19 restrictions a remote project can be organized with your supervisor (e.g. literature search, data analysis, or writing).


The competition is open to McGill as well as non-McGill undergraduate students, that have secured a summer internship supervisor with a primary appointment or are associate members in the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics at McGill. Students must be registered in a bachelor’s degree but should not have graduated at the time of the internship (mostly U2 students, but U1 students are also eligible). Students are not allowed to combine with other awards (e.g. USRA or SURA) for that same summer internship.

Evaluation Criteria

The award will be awarded based on excellence as determined by the Melville Award Committee to an undergraduate student from an underrepresented equity group with preference for a Black or Indigenous student. Excellence is interpreted in a broad sense and includes academic excellence, grades, leadership, community involvement and volunteering. Interpretation of underrepresented equity group will be based on the best available data at the time with input from the Faculty of Medicine Office of Social Accountability and Community Engagement (SACE).


Application Process

The student will submit the application in a pdf form by email to the Student Affairs Officer (undergradstudies.pharmacology [at] by midnight on February 28, 2023. Applications may be written in English or French.




  • A pdf of the filled-out application form.
  • An up-to-date grade transcript in pdf format. Order your McGill transcript on Minerva minimum two weeks prior to deadline to ensure availability, scan, and save to PDF.
  • A 2-page up-to-date free form curriculum vitae.
  • A 1-page personal statement divided in the following sections:
    • Excellence: this section should highlight your academic, leadership, or community engagement excellence, ideally with specific examples from your CV.
    • Career plan: describe how this research internship fits in your career plan.
  • Underrepresentation: explain why you consider you are an underrepresented equity group.
  • The personal statement should be written in Times New Roman font size 12, single line spacing, and borders of minimum 2 cm.


  • Provide a support letter for the student stating that you can take the student in your laboratory for the duration of the award and confirming that you can provide a minimum of 25% of the award ($1,125).


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