Master of Science (M.Sc.) Pharmacology (Thesis): Environmental Health Sciences (45 credits) / Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Pharmacology: Environmental Health Sciences

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Program Requirements

The MSc and PhD program in Pharmacology Environmental Health Sciences Option will focus on the interplay between the environment and health. Environmental health research is highly interdisciplinary. Students will be given the opportunity to acquire a broad environmental perspective on exposure sciences, hazard screening methodologies, epidemiological approaches, health implications of environmental quality, and policy approaches. Students will complete the specified course requirements and a thesis.

Thesis Courses (24 credits)

PHAR 696 Thesis Preparation (3 credits)

PHAR 698 Thesis Preparation 2 (9 credits)

PHAR 699 Thesis Preparation 3 (12 credits)

Required Courses (18 credits)

PHAR 601 Research Seminar (6 credits)

PHAR 609 Research Professionalism for Pharmacologists (1 credit)

PHAR 610 Scientific Communication for Pharmacologists (2 credits)

PHAR 670 Principles of Environmental Health Sciences 1 (3 credits)

PHAR 671 Principles of Environmental Health Sciences 2 (3 credits)

PHAR 712 Statistics for Pharmacologists (3 credits)

Complementary Courses (3 credits)

3 credits from the following courses:

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