Associate Members

Moulay Alaoui-Jamali

Cancer Pharmacogenomics & Target Discovery

Segal Cancer Centre/Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
Room E525, 3755, chemin Côte Ste-Catherine Road
Montreal, QC, H3T 1E2
Phone:   514-340-8222 Ext. 3438 or 3432
Fax:      514-340-7576

Email:  moulay.alaoui-jamali [at]
Web site

Carolyn J. Baglole

Translational Research in Respiratory Diseases

Meakins-Christie Labs
MUHC Research Institute
Centre for Translational Biology (CTB)
Room EM3.2219
1001 Decarie Blvd.
Montreal, QC, H4A 3J1
Phone:   514-934-1934 Ext. 76109

Email:  Carolyn.baglole [at]

Luda Diatchenko

Pain genetics

Genome Building
740 Dr. Penfield Avenue
Room 2201
Montreal, QC, H3A 0G1
Phone:   514-398-2878
Fax:      514-398-8900

Email:  luda.diatchenko [at]

Serge Gauthier

Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease

McGill Centre for Studies in Aging
Douglas Hospital
6825 Lasalle Blvd.
Verdun, QC, H4H 1R3
Phone:   514-766-2010
Fax:      514-888-4050

Email:  serge.gauthier [at]

Timothy Geary

Lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis), Parasitic nematodes, Host manipulation

Institute of Parasitology
Parasitology Building
21111 Lakeshore Road
Room A-105
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, H9X 3V9
Phone:   514-398-7612
Fax:      514-398-7857

Email:  timothy.g.geary [at]

Bertrand Jean-Claude

Signal transduction inhibitors, refractory tumours

Cancer Drug Research Lab
Glen site Room EM13510
1001 Blvd Decarie
Montreal, QC, H4A 3J1
Phone:   514-934-1934 Ext 35841
Fax:      514-843-1475

Email: jacques.jeanclaude [at]
Web site

Brigitte Kieffer

G protein-coupled receptors in brain function and disease

McGill University
Scientific Director at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute
Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University
Chair, Monique H. Bourgeois in Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Faculty of Medicine of McGill University
Douglas Hospital Research Center
Perry Pavilion Room E-3317.1
6875 Boulevard Lasalle Montreal, QC, H4H 1R3
Phone:   514-761-6131 Ext. 3175
Fax:     514-762-3033

Email:  Brigitte.kieffer [at]

Sarah Kimmins

Epigenetics and inheritance in development and health

Macdonald-Stewart Building
21111 Lakeshore Road
Room MS1-091
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, H9X 3V9
Phone:   514-398-7658
Fax:      514-398-7964

Email:  sarah.kimmins [at]

Stéphane Laporte

Pharmacodynamics and drug development

Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
1001 Decarie Blvd.
Room E02.5375
Montreal, QC, H4A 3J1
Phone:   514-934-1934 local 76186
Fax:      514-398-3923

Email:  stephane.laporte [at]

Stanley Nattel

Mechanisms of Cardiac Bioelectricity, Molecular Physiology and Mechanisms of Drug Action

Montreal Heart Institute
5000 Belanger Street
Room S-4501
Montreal, QC H1T 1C8
Phone:   514-376-3330 ext 3990
Fax:  514-376-1355

Email:  stanley.nattel [at]

Cristian O'Flaherty

Reproductive physiology, Cellular signaling, Reactive oxygen species biology

Research Institute-MUHC
1001 Decarie Blvd, Bloc E
Office: EM03212
Lab:  ES12363a,b
Montreal, QC, H4A 3J1
Phone:   514-934-1934 ext. 35410
Fax:      514-933-4149

Email:  cristian.oflaherty [at]

Pedro Rosa-Neto

Clinical neurology, Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, translational neurology, integrative neuroimaging, PET, MRI, Clinical trials

McGill University
Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit
Translational Neuroimaging Laboratory
McGill Centre for Studies in Aging
Douglas Hospital Research Center
6875 LaSalle Blvd, FBC #1144, F-0105
Montreal, QC, H4H 1R3
Phone:   514-761-6131 Ext. 3446

Email:  pedro.rosa [at]

Simon Rousseau

Signal transduction, Protein Phosphorylation, Inflammation

Meakins-Christie Laboratories
1001 Decarie Blvd
Office EM3.2244
Montreal, QC, H4A 3J1
Office Phone:  514-934-1934 ex.76394
Lab Phone: 514-934-1934 ex.76205
Fax:  514-934-933-3912

Email:  simon.rousseau [at]
Web site

Laura Stone

Neuropharmacology of pain

Genome Building
740 Dr. Penfield Ave
Suite 3200
Montreal, QC, H3G 0G1
Phone:   514-398-7203 ext. 00039
Fax:      514-398-8121

Email:  laura.s.stone [at]
Web site

Mark A. Ware

Evaluating the safety and effectiveness of medicines derived from cannabis

Montreal General Hospital
MUHC Pain Centre
1650 Cedar Avenue
Room E19-128
Montreal, QC, H3G 1A4
Phone:   514-934-1934 ext. 42784
Fax:      514-934-8096

Email:  mark.ware [at]