Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at McGill!

Our mission is to offer excellent educational opportunities to undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows alike. This Department is engaged in innovative biomedical research. We aim at excellence in teaching and research and are currently considering how best to integrate high impact research with multidisciplinary training of our graduate and undergraduate students.

Research in the Department is focused on interdisciplinary approaches with a particular emphasis in molecular pharmacology. This encompasses the interaction of molecules with their cellular and tissue targets, and ultimately, their effects on organisms as a whole.

We strongly believe that the increasing knowledge of molecular pharmacology such as protein functions and gene regulation should lead to a comprehensive understanding of cells and organ functions in health and disease. Such a basic science knowledge is essential for translational research. Together with clinical Departments, we aim at facilitating translational value to our research. The study of novel aspects of cellular and molecular pharmacology should render new clues for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic disorders. We hope that our current and future graduate students will contribute to significant scientific discoveries in all fields of Pharmacology.

We believe that a multidisciplinary approach centered around molecular pharmacology will offer a vast array of career opportunities to our graduate students. We would like you to consider our invitation to join us in exciting research challenges while pursuing a Pharmacology degree.

Gerhard Multhaup, Dr. rer. nat.
Professor and Chair

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