Postgraduate Educational Enhancement Committee (PEEC)

PEEC is mandated by the Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education to identify educational priorities for residency training programs and to develop and implement educational principles for PGME trainees based on the best evidence and innovative practices for enhanced residency education. The Chair is the Assistant Dean, PGME. Membership includes clinical and medical education, residents, administrators, and community leaders within McGill University.

PEEC was created to provide a setting for the discussion, implementation and monitoring of educational enhancement initiatives between PGME, faculty leads, program directors and curriculum leads, as well as liaising with governing bodies (RCPSC, CFPC, CMQ). PEEC makes recommendations regarding the development and implementation of educational initiatives and programs that benefit PGME programs and trainees. PEEC also comprises two subcommittees: (a) Curriculum and (b) Assessment and Program Evaluation. These Subcommittees ensure that educational activities, and assessment and evaluation practices are designed, developed, and reviewed in a coherent and coordinated fashion, consistent with accreditation standards and current educational principles for competency-based residency education.

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