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The ABC’s of Implementing CBME
Find out how the McGill PGME team is helping residency programs roll out CBME. Learn how to engage your team before, during and after implementation. Plus, discover how the PGME Education Team can help your program smoothly transition to CBME.

CBME: a Resident’s Perspective
Resident involvement is vital for CBME's successful implementation. This video highlights a few of our McGill residents and their perspective regarding their role in CBME implementation.

A CBME Lead’s Perspective
The CBME Lead plays a key role in ensuring a smooth transition to CBME. Learn why the CBME Lead is a invaluable resource for Program Directors and residents as they provide – CBME support, guidance and faculty development.

CBME: a Program Coordinator’s Perspective
At the beginning, CBME may seem challenging and require effective planning and organization. Learn about the important administrative role of the Program Coordinator in the successful implementation of CBME.

CBME: a Program Director’s Perspective
Program Directors are directly involved with and oversee all of the steps towards CBME implementation. Learn how McGill programs are adapting to this new reality and how the Program Directors lead their programs towards a successful implementation. Communication is key at all levels.




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Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Competence By Design (CBD)

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  • Faculty development
  • Accreditation
  • Assessment
  • Tools and resources

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  • Implementing CanMEDS
  • Tools

College of Family Physicians of Canada

Triple C: Comprehensive, Continuity, Centred

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