Get ready to go!



Identify and submit applications for funding

Various deadlines

Read and sign "2023 PFSS prog. overview and acknowledgement" form (to FSIO)

February 22nd, 18h00

Fill out 2023 Emergency contact, Passport & Dietary Restrictions (Online)


February 22nd, 18h00

Preparation session 2

February 22nd

JPG photo (face) (to Lady Mancilla for STRI)

February 22nd

Field Course Permit documents (MI AMBIENTE) (to FSIO)

February 22nd

Internship night

March 8th

Final payment (McGill Student Account)

March 6th

STRI registration (Online and to Lady Mancilla)

Upon notification by Lady Mancilla but before April 14th

PFSS medical and vaccination information (Online) and theFile Physician form (to FSIO)

By April 1st (book an appointment asap)

Proof of adequate travel insurance (Online)

By April 1st

3rd preparatory session

April 6th

Confirm flight information (FSIO and Lady Mancilla)

April 15th


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