Frosh/O-Week Volunteers

List of Volunteer Opportunities for Orientation and Frosh 

Frosh and Orientation volunteers are returning students who welcome new students to campus, offering insight into McGill student life. Whether you're an undergraduate, graduate, or off-campus student, there is a volunteer opportunity for you!

Individuals selected to be part of the Frosh and Orientation team receive extensive training on topics such as community-building, communication, harm reduction, consent, equity, diversity, and accessibility. By being a Frosh or Orientation volunteer, you not only give back to the McGill community but also gain transferable skills and can be eligible to receive co-curricular (CCR) credit.

New Student Mentorship Program - Mentor
Open to all returning McGill students

The New Student Mentorship Program facilitates on-going and meaningful connections between new and returning domestic (Canadian) McGill students. Incoming students are matched with a trained, upper-year mentor (that's you) in the same faculty or department (when possible). Through regular, one-on-one check-ins throughout the academic year, you will share valuable first-hand experience on how to navigate university life and campus resources.

Applications are now open for the 2022-2023 academic year!

Off-Campus Connects (OCX) Volunteers
Open to all returning McGill undergraduate students

Off-Campus Connects (OCX) is an orientation day hosted by Campus Life & Engagement at the beginning of each academic year (end of August). This event connects new off-campus and commuter students to one another while also informing them about the resources available to them at McGill. If you want to help students make lifelong friendships and welcome them to McGill apply to become an OCX Volunteer! Training is provided.

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Grad Connects (GX) Volunteers
Open to all returning McGill graduate students

Grads Connect is an orientation day hosted by Campus Life & Engagement at the beginning of each academic year (at the end of August). Students are introduced to resources as well as each other on this activity-filled day. Volunteers, working in pairs, lead groups of  students through various activities that introduce the downtown campus and the neighbouring community (or virtually, as needed). Training is provided.

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First-Generation Orientation Volunteers
Open to all returning McGill first-generation students

First-Generation Orientation is a day of orientation activities hosted by Campus Life & Engagement at the beginning of each academic year. Incoming and returning students have the chance to meet First-Gen alumni and professors, discover resources and services available at McGill, and also speak to upper-year First-Gen students to ask them about navigating life at the university. Volunteers will meet students, share their experiences at McGill, and help answer any questions that incoming students may have.

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Volunteer with Campus Life & Engagement
Open to all returning McGill undergraduate and Graduate students

CL&E is looking to have a number of general volunteer positions to help with Orientation activities from August 19 to 30, 2022. Various shifts and days are offered. Training will be provided. If you sign up, expectations are that you provide at minimum of 5 hours during that period. Positions include: event management, logistics, room or service fairs set up and general administrative work. Come and join a great team and in making Orientation a great event!.

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Frosh: Leaders and O-Staff
Open to returning McGill undergraduate students

Leaders and Orientation Staff (O-Staff) are returning McGill students who help guide and acquaint new students to the McGill and Montreal communities before and during Orientation Week. Orientation Week includes both University-wide events, like Discover McGill, and Faculty-specific/interest-specific events, like Frosh. To learn more about Frosh, click here

Leaders and O-Staff are key in introducing and upholding the expectations and culture of McGill University. Leaders and O-Staff are also key in ensuring that all participants enjoy a safe, fun, inclusive, and meaningful Orientation experience.


ArtsArts & ScienceEducation • Engineering • Macdonald Campus ProgramsManagementMusic NursingPhysical/Occupational Therapy • Science

If you are interested in getting involved with Rad Frosh, Fish Frosh, Jewish Frosh, Muslim Frosh, or Outdoor Frosh, please contact them directly. More information about non-Faculty Froshes is available here.

Recording of the 2021 Frosh/O-Week Volunteer Information Session.

Frequently Asked Questions about Frosh and Leader/O-Staff applications

Click on the plus sign (+) to access the FAQs. If you have other questions, you can email us at orientation-development [at] (subject: Question%20about%20Frosh%202021, body: Hello%2C%20%0A%0AMy%20name%20is%20___%20and%20I'm%20in%20____%20Faculty%2FSchool.%20I'm%20applying%20for%20____%20(either%20Frosh%20Leader%20or%20O-Staff).%20I%20have%20a%20question%20about%20_____.%20)

If I didn’t participate in Frosh 2021, can I still be a Leader/O-Staff for Frosh 2022?

Yes! You can apply to be a Leader or O-Staff so long as you are an undergraduate student who has completed your first year at McGill. You are not required to have previous Frosh experience. However, it is important to keep in mind that Frosh is an event for first-year students. Leaders and O-Staff are there to facilitate the new student transition and ensure that all Froshies have a great experience!

Can I apply to be a Leader/O-Staff and apply to other programs listed on this page?

Yes, absolutely! Being a Leader or O-Staff does not preclude or disqualify you from any of the other programs or opportunities. We strongly encourage you to apply to as many programs that interest you. Obviously, you care about helping your fellow student, so why not offer peer support during Orientation and at other times of the year!

Take note that some opportunities (e.g., Legal Information Clinic) have more specific criteria about who can apply.

Can I apply to be both a Leader and an O-Staff?

No. You can only apply once and for one position, so choose wisely! You can either apply to be a Leader or an O-Staff. If you are applying to be a Leader, at the end of your application there will be an option for you to indicate if you would also like to be considered for the role of an O-Staff, if not selected as a Leader. However, O-Staff applicants will not be asked if they would like to be considered for the role of a Leader, if not selected as an O-Staff.

Can I apply to be a Leader for a Frosh outside my Faculty?

No, you must apply to a Frosh within your own Faculty. When Frosh Coordinators receive applications, the first thing they do is a reference check with McGill to confirm that you are applying to the direct Faculty. As you are only able to apply to one Frosh, make sure you double check that you are applying to the correct one. 

I want to lead Frosh with my friends! Is that possible?

That's cool! If your application is accepted and you are called to an interview, you can book your interviews the same time with people you want to lead with and the Coordinators will consider your application together. You do not need to e-mail CL&E! Just keep in mind that this is not a guarantee you will lead together, as Coordinators create teams based on multiple factors. 

How many Leaders/O-Staff are chosen? What are my chances of being selected?

This number changes each year and it depends on the Faculty. The number of accepted applications has grown steadily over the years. From 2015 to 2016, the number of Leader applications increased 46% and the number of O-Staff application increased 47%. In 2016, across all Faculty Froshes, there were over 1530 Leader applicants for 750 spots (49% selected), and over 570 O-Staff applicants for 315 spots (55% selected). 

What makes for a strong applicant/application?

Here at McGill, inclusivity is the name of the game. We are looking for Leaders and O-Staff who are responsible, mature, welcoming, and respectful - and can make all new students feel comfortable and excited. Additionally, an Orientation Leader should be outgoing, creative, energetic, and ensuring the safety and well-being of all our participants. In both your application and interview, be sure to include your relevant experience, in addition to clear examples of times that you have practiced these skills.

As a returning Leader, am I automatically selected to be a Leader again?

No, returning Leaders are not automatically chosen. Due to the high interest, large number of applications, and new yearly goals for Frosh, it is important that all Leaders re-apply and are interviewed to make sure that they are capable of helping us achieve our Orientation goals. 

When do interviews take place? What if I am not in town?

The exact date for interviews varies by Frosh but Faculty Frosh interviews ordinarily take place in April in the evening and/or on weekends. After the application deadline, applicants will be sent an email from the Frosh Coordinator team with more information about when, where, and how interviews will be conducted.

After you submit your application, you will be contacted by a Frosh Coordinator to schedule an interview time. 

What do I need to know about training?

Each year, Leaders and O-Staff are required to complete a mandatory training, which may include online and/or in-person components. If you are accepted as a Leader or O-Staff, you will then be provided with more information about training. Please note that if you do not complete the mandatory Leader/O-Staff training, you will not be allowed to participate in Frosh.

Is there a cost involved for Leaders/O-Staff who participate in Frosh?

Leaders and O-Staff typically pay a small fee for their involvement with Orientation Week, which can cover a variety of expenses like food, admission, apparel, and swag. The cost of an amazing Frosh experience, however, is priceless.

I really, really, really want to be a Leader. My whole life has been leading up to this moment. Please accept me?

We love your energy and invite you to apply just like everyone else. Hopefully your enthusiasm will come across in your application and interview. Good luck!

I have another question that wasn't answered here. Who do I contact?

If you have other questions, you can email us at orientation-development [at] (subject: Question%20about%20Frosh%202021, body: Hello%2C%20%0A%0AMy%20name%20is%20___%20and%20I'm%20in%20____%20Faculty%2FSchool.%20I'm%20applying%20for%20____%20(either%20Frosh%20Leader%20or%20O-Staff).%20I%20have%20a%20question%20about%20_____.%20) . Please note that it may take 2-3 business days for us to reply to your email.

You are also welcome to contact the Frosh Coordinators from your faculty's student association. They can answer questions about interviews, timelines, and other faculty-specific issues.

Why volunteer for Frosh or O-Week? Check out Clara's experience here:


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