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Orientation & First Year

Student Life Ambassadors (Student Matching Program)

Open to:  All undergraduate and graduate students who have completed one year at McGill. International AND domestic students are welcome to apply.

Brought to you by: Campus Life & Engagement 

About: Join this important team of leaders and be a lifeline between McGill University and new students.  As their first "personal" link to the university, this is your unique opportunity to help relieve the anxiety and confusion of being a first-year student, as well as to build excitement for Orientation and the great times ahead.  Student Life Ambassadors correspond with their assigned new student(s) periodically throughout the summer months helping them prepare for their transition to McGill's academic and social life.


Deadline to apply: Ongoing

For more info: Email ambassador.firstyear [at] or visit the Student Life Ambassador webpage

International Student Buddy (Student Matching Program)

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students who have completed one year at McGill. International AND domestic students are welcome to apply.

Brought to you by: International Student Services

About: The Buddy program pairs new international students with current students who provide the friendly face, helping hand, and first Montreal friendship that can make a world of difference for new arrivals. Buddies can also offer linguistic support, cultural guidance and information about life at McGill. Typical "buddy" activities might include showing international students around campus, locating nearby banks and grocery stores, helping with an apartment search, and chatting over a cup of coffee.

APPLY NOW: International Student Buddy

Deadline to apply: Summer 2019

For more info: Email international.buddy [at] or visit the International Student Buddy web page.

Orientation - Preparation & Logistical Teams

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students 

Brought to you by: Campus Life & Engagement

About: Campus Life & Engagement coordinates McGill's Orientation Week which welcomes over 10000+ students per year. CL&E cannot achieve this without the help of our volunteers. They are the heart and soul of Orientation Week. If you want to get involved with Orientation Week, there are many ways to do so. We encourage you to sign up for as many opportunities as you're interested in. The events are listed below by chronological order:

  • Orientation Preparation (End of July - End of August): Orientation Week doesn't just happen. Starting in July, volunteers' help is crucial in everything from orientation package preparation to signage prep. 
  • Off-Campus Connects (August 26, 2019) is an orientation day hosted by Campus Life & Engagement at the beginning of each academic year. Similar to RezFest, but geared towards incoming students not living in McGill residences. Logistical Volunteers will be expected to help with signage, crowd control, lunch distribution, amazing race coordination, registration and welcoming our new off-campus and commuter students!
  • Discover McGill (August 27, 2019) is a great opportunity for students to volunteer and help welcome the University’s new students at one of the largest orientation events organized by McGill. There are opportunities for logistical support in the day of (e.g., group formation, orientation package and lunch distribution, University Fair setup, and the overall welcoming process) and the day before (e.g., 2019 outline prep, setup). Volunteers will need to be flexible and ready to adapt to a variety of tasks that might arise. At a later take, there may be opportunities to assume leadership positions like Team Captains who oversee groups of volunteers assigned to a specific project/task.
  • Engage McGill (August 27, 2019) is the end-of-day event on Discover McGill day and is another excellent opportunity to develop your logistical and organizational skills and contribute to creating a successful orientation event. Volunteers assist in overseeing the delivery and distribution of food, set up and installation of various activities, and various other tasks. It’s a wonderful way to ensure that new students get the welcome they deserve.
  • DM Academic Expectations Day (August 28, 2019): This day is a series of workshops to introduce new students to what a university workload entails. Volunteers will help with registration and crowd control.
  • Grads Connect and Discover McGill Graduate Services Fair (August 29, 2019) is the university-wide graduate orientation day that includes social networking and team-building activities to connect graduate students with one another as well as with some of the great resources at their disposal and a services fair that includes on-campus support and resources. Logistical Volunteers will be expected to help with signage, crowd control, lunch distribution, amazing race coordination, registration and welcoming our new graduate students!


Deadline to apply: August 22, 2019 at 11:59PM

For more info: Email studentlife.stuserv [at]!

OSD Mentoring Program

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students that have been at McGill for at least 1 year

Brought to you by: The Office for Students with Disabilities

About: The Office for Students with Disabilities’ (OSD) Mentorship Program is designed to enrich the university experience of students registered with thier office. Students registered with the OSD receive support for documented disabilities, mental health disorders, chronic illnesses, or other impairments.Mentors meet with students weekly to support learning, inclusion, and empower students to achieve their academic goals. 

Deadline to apply: Submit an application here.


For more info: For more information, visit their Mentor Program page or email charlie.ohayon [at] (subject: OSD%20Mentoring%20Program) (Charlie Ohayon).

Access Ambassadors, Invigilators, Scribes, Note Takers, Personal Attendants (and more!)

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students

Brought to you by: Office for Students with Disabilities

About: The OSD works with students who have documented disabilities, mental health issues, chronic health conditions, or other impairments. These may be temporary, permanent, or episodic. Get involved with OSD in various ways! 

Deadline to apply: Ongoing 


For more info: Email disabilities.students [at]

Orientation/Frosh Leaders & O-Staff

Open to: Undergraduate students

Brought to you by: Faculty/School student associations (Faculty Frosh) and student groups (Non-Faculty Frosh), as well as Campus Life & Engagement

About: Orientation Leaders are returning McGill students who help guide and acquaint new students to the McGill and Montreal communities before, during, and between organized University-wide (Discover McGill) and Faculty/interest-specific (Frosh) events throughout Orientation Week. The Orientation Leader is a key contributor to setting the tone for the week and the culture of the University and city, and helps ensure that all participants’ time is fun, safe, inclusive, and welcoming.
O-Staff are returning McGill students who help to create welcoming and well-organized environments, spaces, and operations for events and participants during Orientation Week. O-Staff are essential to the success and smooth functioning of all events.


  • Check out the Orientation Leader/O-Staff FAQ section, since it might help answer some questions you have
  • You can download the presentation slides
  • You should only apply to the Faculty in which you are a student
  • You can only apply to be a Leader OR an O-Staff
  • You should have ready a digital photo of yourself (face clearly shown, with no one else in photo) to submit with your application. Take note that the photo you submit in the application is only downloaded and used for identification purposes AFTER the interview. The photos are simply used to help "put a face to a name," since it is difficult for Coordinators to keep track of hundreds of applicants by name alone. Rest assured that the photo is not looked at before your interview or considered during the application/selection process.
  • The application is lengthy and requires answering many questions; therefore, we recommend filling out the application using a desktop/laptop computer and not a phone/tablet.


FACULTY FROSH & DISCOVER McGILL - Applications for Frosh Leader and O-Staff are closed.


For more info: Email orientation-development [at] or visit the Frosh website.

Graduate Orientation Ambassadors

Open to: All graduate students

Brought to you by: Campus Life & Engagement + Teaching and Learning Services

About: During orientation, ambassadors will go to department orientations to deliver 5 minute presentations about resources at McGill. Ambassadors will also provide assistance hosting the Academic Expectations & Fellowship workshops by setting up presentations and the room, taking attendance, taking feedback, and being a general resource person for the attendees. Ambassadors will also help with the Discover McGill Services Fair by welcoming students and providing general assistance to staff running the event.


Deadline to apply: August 22, 2019 at 11:59PM

CSI: CEGEP Student Information Orientation Session

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students

Brought to you by: Campus Life & Engagement

About: This is an opportunity for students to help with the welcome and logistical work for this information day intended for newly accepted students from Cegep (Quebec colleges). CSI McGill takes place June 6, 2019. In addition to the full-day event, volunteers are also required to attend a 2-hour training/preparation meeting.

Deadline to apply: Deadline has passed

For more info: Visit the CSI event webpage.

Grads Connect (GX) Facilitators

Open to: All graduate students

Brought to you by: Campus Life & Engagement

About: Grads Connect is a new orientation day hosted by Campus Life & Engagement for graduate students at the beginning of each academic year (end of August). Students are introduced to resources as well as each other on this day. Apply to be a Facilitator (leading a group of approximately 25 first-years with a co-Facilitator).


Deadline to apply: August 4, 2019 at 11:59PM

For more info: Email gradorientation.stuserv [at] (subject: GX%20Volunteer%20Application) or visit the Grads Connect (GX) web page.

Off-Campus Connects (OCX) Facilitators

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students

Brought to you by: Campus Life & Engagement

About: Off-Campus Connects is an orientation day hosted by Campus Life & Engagement at the beginning of each academic year (end of August). It is similar to RezFest but geared towards incoming students not living in McGill residences. Apply to be a Facilitator (leading a group of approximately 25 first-years with a co-Facilitator).



Deadline to apply: August 4, 2019 at 11:59PM

For more info: Email occss [at] (subject: OCX%20Volunteer%20Application) or visit the Off-Campus & Commuter Student Support web page.


Rez Project for Volunteers 

Open to: Undergrad students, in U1 or higher, Grad students

Brought to you by: Office of the Dean of Students

About: Rez Project is a series of two 3-hour, peer-facilitated, workshops: Rez Project: Gender, Sexual Identity and Consent, which rolls out in September, and Rez Project: Race and Colonialism, which rolls out in January. The workshops serve as a crucial introduction to community living in residences and the expectations around creating Safe(r) Spaces and the Rule of Respect. Community facing workshops are offered throughout the year. We accept applications at any time for those. 

For more info: Contact rezproject.resources [at] or

COMunity: Commuters of McGill - Connectors Team 

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students

Brought to you by: Campus Life & Engagement / Off-Campus & Commuter Student Support

About: Connectors are a team of upper-year off-campus/commuter students who strive to create a sense of community for McGill’s commuter student population by focusing on planning inclusive events across the island of Montreal. Moreover, they connect commuter students to resources & support on campus and help McGill students find different ways to get involved on campus. They also coordinate Off-Campus Connects (OCX) at the beginning of each academic year. 

Deadline to apply: Summer 2019

For more info: Email occss [at], visit our website and follow COMunity on Facebook 

Ambassadors for Campus & Community Engagement (ACCE) Team

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students

Brought to you by: Campus Life & Engagement

About: The ACCE team is instrumental in promoting involvement and building community at McGill. This team of students are trained over a weekend, learning facilitation skills and expanding their leadership capacities via active-learning strategies. Over the 2018/2019 academic year the ACCE will facilitate workshops, encourage fellow students to get involved in the campus and/or Montreal community and contribute to the growth and development of the team via retreats, workshops and reflection. From current research and our own experience with this team, we consistently see how engagement and involvement contributes to developing students' leadership and life skills as well as enriches their academic career.

Deadline to apply: Monday, March 11, 2019 at 9 AM

For more info: Email [at] or visit the ACCE web page

Career Leadership Program (CLP)

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students.

Brought to you by: Career Planning Service (CaPS)

About: Career Leaders are a vital link between all McGill students and CaPS. They are involved in various activities such as workshop development and facilitation, CV and LinkedIn review sessions, as well as outreach and liaising with various student groups, departments, and faculties across campus.

For more info: Email caps.cpe [at] or visit the Career Leadership Program web page.

Training & Education

Legal Information Clinic at McGill (LICM)

Open to: LICM volunteer positions are only open to second and third-year students in the Faculty of Law.

Brought to you by: The Legal Information Clinic at McGill

About: The Legal Information Clinic at McGill hires volunteers to conduct research and deliver legal information to clients. Students can also participate in informational legal presentations.

APPLY NOW: Legal Info Volunteer

For more info: Email pub.licm [at] or visit the Legal Information Clinic at McGill website.

Consent McGill Peer Educator

Open to: All undergraduate students. 

Brought to you by: Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education

About: The Peer Educator program is designed to empower students to become leaders for change at McGill. By developing and perfecting your communication, facilitation and event planning skills, you will directly contribute to creating a healthier, safer campus. Peer Educators also have the opportunity to develop their own success and connect with folks who share similar interests. The Peer Educator program runs throughout McGill’s academic year from September to the end of April, with new training sessions taking place at the end of August.

Deadline to Apply: First week of April 2019

For more info: Click here

Health & Wellness

McGill Students' Nightline

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students

Brought to you by: McGill Student' Nightline

About: Nightline is a confidential and anonymous listening, information, and referral service that operates every night from 6 PM - 3 AM. We are a phone service and are also in the process of launching an online chat function!

APPLY NOW via nightlineexternal [at] (subject: Peer%20Support%20Application) (Email )

For more info: Visit Nightline's website

Peer Faith Liaison Program

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students

Brought to you by: MORSL

About: MORSL is McGill's spiritual and religious hub for students. MORSL connects students with their own faith communities on and off campus and provides opportunities for students to explore spirituality and increase their religious literacy. Peer Faith Liaisons must be very comfortable in a multi-faith, pluralistic environment and must sign an agreement to the effect that, during the duration of their volunteer role, they will not at any time recruit membership to a religion or disparage the members or the truth claims of another faith. Peer Faith Liaisons are religion-positive and knowledgeable in the creation of safer spaces. Peer Faith Liaisons must be willing to attend occasional trainings and team meetings. Each Peer Faith Liaison's role is unique, depending on their strengths, skill sets, schedule, and interests. If a particular faith is already well-represented on the MORSL team, additional Peer Faith Liaisons from that faith perspective are normally not needed. 

APPLY NOW: Peer Faith Liaison 

For more info:  Email carlene.gardner [at] (subject: Peer%20Faith%20Liaison%20Program%20) (Carlene) and/or visit MORSL's website.

Peer Support Centre: Peer Supporters and Promo Team

Open to: All undergraduate and graduate students

Brought to you by: Peer Support Centre (PSC)

About: The Peer Support Centre offers free, drop-in, confidential and non-judgemental peer-to-peer support and resource referral to McGill students. They are looking for new peer supporters, as well as volunteers to join their Promo and Outreach team. If you have an interest in mental health, helping out your fellow peers, or in communications and marketing, you are welcome to join the PSC community!

For more info: Email mcgill.psc [at] (subject: Volunteer%20Applications) or visit the Peer Support Centre's website.

Study Sessions for Parents and Kids Program (SSPKP) Volunteers

Open to: All graduate students

Brought to you by: Study Sessions for Parents and Kids Program (SSPKP)

About: Once a month at Thomson House, McGill students with child dependents have the opportunity to complete academic work while their child(ren) are cared for in an adjacent space by trained volunteers. There will be organized activities to entertain the children. The objective of the program is to provide student parents with an opportunity for quiet study time to better serve the McGill community. A morning snack and juice box are provided. A pizza lunch will be provided. Recommended for ages 2 and up.

For more info: Contact membership.pgss [at]


Click on the plus sign (+) to access the FAQ section and individual questions

Frequently Asked Questions (Orientation Leader/O-Staff)

Can I apply to be an Orientation Leader/O-Staff and apply to other programs listed on this page?

Yes, absolutely! Being an Orientation Leader/O-Staff does not preclude or disqualify you from any of the other programs/opportunities (except Discover McGill/Engage McGill, since you will be there anyway as a Leader!). We invite and highly suggest you to apply to as many programs that interest you. Obviously, you care about helping your fellow student, so why not offer peer support during Orientation and at other times of the year!

Take note that some opportunities (e.g., Legal Information Clinic) have more some specific criteria about who can apply.

Can I apply to be both an Orientation Leader and O-Staff?

No. You can only apply once and for one position, so choose wisely! You can either apply to be a Leader or an O-Staff. If you are applying to be a Leader, at the end of your application there will be an option for you to indicate if you would also like to be considered for the role of an O-Staff if not selected as a Leader. However, O-Staff applicants will not be asked if they would like to be considered for the role of a Leader if not selected as an O-Staff.

Can I apply to be a Leader for multiple Froshes?

No, you can only apply to one Faculty Frosh. That being said, if you apply to a Faculty Frosh but are interested in also being a Leader for non-Faculty Froshes, please indicate that you are also applying for a Faculty Frosh position on your Non-Faculty Frosh application. It may be possible to participate in both a Faculty Frosh Leader and a Non-Faculty Frosh.

Can I apply to be a Leader for a Frosh outside my Faculty?

No, you must apply to a Frosh within your own Faculty. When Frosh Coordinators receive applications, the first thing they do is a reference check with McGill to confirm that you are applying to the direct Faculty. As you are only able to apply to one Frosh, make sure you double check that you are applying to the correct one. 

How many Leaders/O-Staff are chosen? What are my chances of being selected?

This number changes each year, depending on the Faculty that you are applying to. However, the number of applicants has grown steadily over the years. From 2015 to 2016, the number of Leader applications increased 46% and the number of O-Staff application increased 47%. In 2016, across all 8 Faculty Froshes, there were over 1530 Leader applicants for 750 spots (49% selected), and over 570 O-Staff applicants for 315 spots (55% selected). 

What makes for a strong applicant/application?

Here at McGill, inclusivity is the name of the game. We are looking for Leaders and O-Staff who are responsible, mature, welcoming, and respectful - and can make all new students feel comfortable and excited. Additionally, an Orientation Leader should be outgoing, creative, energetic, and ensuring the safety and well-being of all our participants. In both your application and interview, be sure to include your relevant experience, in addition to clear examples of times that you have practiced these skills.

As a returning Leader, am I automatically selected to be a Leader again?

No, returning Leaders are not automatically chosen. Due to the high interest, large number of applications, and new yearly goals for Frosh, and it is important that all Leaders re-apply and are interviewed to make sure that they are capable of helping us achieve our Orientation goals. 

When do interviews take place? What if I am not in town?

The exact date for interviews varies by Frosh but Faculty Frosh interviews ordinarily take place in April in the evening and/or on weekends. After the application deadline, applicants will be sent an email from the Frosh Coordinator team with more information about when, where, and how interviews will be conducted.

After you submit your application, you will be contacted by a Frosh Coordinator to schedule an interview time. If you will not be in town for any of the interview times (e.g., on exchange, doing an out-of-town internship...), let the Coordinator know. They will likely be able to organize an interview with you, either over Skype or by phone.  

When do I need to be back in Montreal?

As a Leader, you need to be back in Montreal earlier than the start of Orientation Week. Before Orientation Week (Discover McGill & Frosh), all Leaders must attend mandatory Orientation training. This training begins on Wednesday, August 21st, so we ask that you are back in Montreal on that date and ready to go! 

What do I need to know about training

If you are accepted as an Orientation Leader or O-Staff, you will then be informed about the training process. Each year, Orientation training changes. Our team of training developers review Leader/O-Staff feedback on training and new student feedback on Orientation, and work hard to create new and improved training sessions. For now, know that you should plan to be back in Montreal by Wednesday, August 21st to accommodate the training schedule.

Is there a cost involved in being a Leader/O-Staff?

Orientation Leaders and O-Staff typically pay a fee for their involvement with Orientation Week, which covers food, admission, apparel, swag, and other expenses. The cost of an amazing experience, however, is priceless.

I really really really want to be an Orientation Leader. My whole life has been leading up to this moment. Please accept me?

OK. You're in! But seriously, we love your energy and invite you to apply like everyone else. Hopefully your enthusiasm will come across in your application and interview!