TTP 5: Analyzing patient safety events to improve quality of care

Key Features

  • This EPA includes the review and analysis of a patient safety event and identification of the human, system and other factors leading to the event.
  • This includes a review of expected standards or outcomes of health care delivery, analysis of the reasons for the gap in desired outcome, and may include suggestions for potential improvement.
  • The observation of this EPA requires that the resident participates in the analysis but it is not necessary for the resident to implement or participate in the implementation of any changes.
  • This EPA may be observed via presentation of findings (e.g., at rounds or to a committee) or via submission of a report.
  • This EPA may be observed using a simulated patient safety case.

Assessment Plan

Direct observation of case presentation by supervisor

Use form 1.

Collect 1 observation of achievement.

CanMEDS milestones

  1. ME 5.1 Identify the circumstances contributing to an adverse event
  2. L 1.1 Identify the impact of human and system factors on health care delivery
  3. S 4.4 Perform data analysis
  4. L 1.1 Integrate existing standards for health care delivery with findings of data collection
  5. S 3.4 Integrate best evidence and clinical expertise into decision-making
  6. L 1.1 Identify changes in practice/clinical care to prevent adverse events
  7. L 3.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the operations of pediatric health care delivery
  8. P 2.2 Demonstrate a commitment to patient safety and quality improvement initiatives within their own practice environment
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