FOD 10

FOD 10: Transferring clinical information between health care providers during handover

Key Features

  • This EPA focuses on communicating acute and ongoing information about a group of patients with varying complexity between colleagues at times of transition in physician responsibility.
  • It includes handover when going off duty, at the end of a rotation, and/or at the end of call shifts.

Assessment Plan

Direct observation by supervisor, or Core or TTP resident, which may include review of sign-out sheet, electronic document or other communication tool

Use form 1. Form collects information on

  • Setting: inpatient; outpatient; emergency department; level I and/or II NICU

Collect 2 observations of achievement.

CanMEDS Milestones

  1. ME 5.2 Use structured communication tools and strategies to enhance patient safety
  2. COL 3.2 Summarize and prioritize patient issues providing rationale for key decisions
  3. COL 3.2 Provide anticipatory guidance for ongoing management, such as results of outstanding investigations and/or anticipated events/outcomes
  4. COL 3.2 Clarify issues with the receiving physician(s), as needed, and confirm with closed loop communication
  5. COL 1.3 Integrate the patient’s and family’s perspective and context into the care plan
  6. P 1.1 Demonstrate punctuality
  7. P 1.1 Complete assigned responsibilities in a timely fashion
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