Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program

The McGill University Ingram School of Nursing has launched a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) program in fall 2017. This is a Master’s degree encompassing advanced nursing course in their first year, pediatric content delivered by our pediatric medical specialist in their second year and clinical pediatric rotations in their third year. The first cohort of students are finishing their core pediatric training and will begin their clinical rotations in June 2019. You will meet our students in various areas of the hospital such as complex care, in-patient ward, pediatric intensive care, cardiology and respirology, gastroenterology, nephrology infectious disease, neurology and hematology-oncology. Important points to know about their clinical rotations:

  • Physicians will be responsible for medical training during clinical rotations
  • Prescriptions by PNP students have to be co-signed by a physician
  • Written documentation does not have to be co-signed
  • Resident Rotation coordinators will function as liaison
  • Evaluation format: set of objectives, one final evaluation, narrative evaluations during rotation

Linda Massé, Nursing Lead | linda.masse [at] (Email)
Dr. Tanya Di Genova, Medical Director | tanya.digenova [at] (Email)


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