Division Director Appointment Renewals in Adolescent Medicine, Allergy, Immunology and Dermatology, and Cardiology


Published: 11Jun2020

Dr. Adrian Dancea has been appointed to a third and final mandate as Division Director of Pediatric Cardiology with the term to commence on July 1, 2020.

A medical graduate of the University of Ottawa, Dr. Dancea completed his pediatric residency and cardiology subspecialty training at McGill University and the Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH). Along the way he also picked up a Physician Executive MBA (University of Tennessee). An accomplished interventional pediatric cardiologist (training at UCSF), Dr. Dancea has led his Division since 2009.

The Review Committee noted Adrian’s excellence in systematically advancing his Division through the adroit forging of productive collaborative partnerships with critical care units (neonatal and pediatrics), surgical partners (CVT), McGill-based adult cardiologists, and other provincial centres for pediatric cardiology (CHUS & HSJ) for those rare disorders requiring a highly focused technological expertise. Along the way he has recruited well with an eye to the future (Drs. Claudia Renaud and Wadi Mawad). He has advocated well for his Division and the families they serve.

At the Departmental level Dr. Dancea was the lead on the Department's 2016 Strategic Planning Initiative that has shaped the revitalization of all elements of the Department's academic mission. At the Faculty level, Dr. Dancea was the point person in forging with the Faculty of Management an innovative stackable Healthcare Management Certificate that will replace a ‘long past its due date’ MDCM-MBA program.

Congratulations Dr. Dancea!

Dr. Julius Erdstein will continue as Director of the Division of Adolescent Medicine for a second 5-year mandate commencing July 1, 2020.

A graduate of McGill University and the Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH) post-graduate training program in pediatrics and HSC in adolescent medicine, the review committee was most impressed by the tenure and range of accomplishments of Dr. Erdstein’s first mandate. He has solidified existing foundations while simultaneously creating innovative clinical programs in eating disorders and severe obesity. Particularly impressive has been his ability to forge partnerships with key players and navigate a challenging landscape of stakeholders always keeping in mind clinical and educational excellence. It is particularly noteworthy that Julius has accomplished this within the framework of a part-time hospital presence as he is a highly sought after and busy community-based pediatrician. As noted by one Committee member; “Julius was the right person at the right time 5 years ago and he remains so”.

Congratulations Dr. Erdstein!

Dr. Christine McCusker’s mandate as Division Director of Allergy, Immunology and Dermatology has been renewed for a second term of 5 years commencing July 1, 2020.

A graduate of the University of Toronto, Dr. McCusker did her medical degree at McMaster’s followed by a residency in pediatrics and sub-specialty training in clinical allergy and immunology at the Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH) and McGill University. This was followed by a research fellowship at the bench at the Meakins-Christie Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Bruce Mazer. Upon completion of the research fellowship, Dr. McCusker joined the attending staff of the MCH and the Faculty at McGill, where she is currently an Associate Professor. Dr. McCusker's first term as Division Director began in 2015.

Dr. McCusker is a triple threat. A standout clinician, she is also heavily engaged in UGME as the Course Director of the Defence block in the Fundamentals of Medicine & Dentistry segment. She is a highly productive clinician-scientist with a substantial publications and external funding record. She has received research awards and has been cited for a Top 10 in Quebec Science Discovery.

As Division Director, Dr. McCusker has enabled her group to flourish across the academic spectrum. She can take credit for sponsoring clinical innovations in biological therapeutics, drug allergy and food desensitization. At the research level her group has published more than 100 papers in the last 5 years and emerged as key players in the Faculty’s MI4 initiative. The Division remains a key player nationally in Allergy and Immunology PGME with many of the graduates assuming national academic positions. In addition, Dr. McCusker’s leadership has enabled the Department's Dermatology group to flourish and become contributors across all academic sectors.

The Review Committee was particularly impressed by the breadth and depth of laudatory comments from Division members about Dr. McCusker’s leadership. These comments spoke of her passion, advocacy for her group, nurturing and mentoring approach.

Congratulations Dr. McCusker!

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